Shadow Seven is coming to a mobile phone near you. The tactical strategy game, now under development at studio Neptune, features several original anime-style characters voiced by famous Japanese voice actors. It’s been around in Early Access form since last December, but it’s gearing up for its official release…and if you pre-register, you can gain bonus rewards.

We do have to mention, though: for unknown reasons, the campaign applies only to the Android version of the game. Also, this is one of those campaigns where the amount of bonuses you’ll actually get depends on the amount of people who pre-register the game. If over 1,000 do it, they’ll all get an extra costume for the Geros character: a mechanic suit.

The campaign reaches beyond the game itself. If Shadow Seven’s global Facebook page reaches 2500 likes, everyone will get a bonus Royal Box, and if the Shadow Seven YouTube channel reaches 1000 subscribers, everyone will get 1000 Gems.

Shadow Seven will launch soon in the USA, Korea and Taiwan. The press release does not specify a specific date, but it does say the rewards will be given out “after February 27,” so our best assumption is that the title launches on iOS and Android around that time.

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