As we’ve covered here many times, Free League Publishing puts out popular RPG series like Tales from the Loop, Mutant: Year Zero, Coriolis, Forbidden Lands, and Symbaroum. With most RPGs you can stick to the stories in the sourcebooks, or you can make your own. But it’s not common for the RPG company to provide you the chance to sell your original story if it’s good enough.

That’s what Free League is doing with their new label, Free League Workshop, which officially launched today. Make your own Mutant or Coriolis scenarios — and sell them with Free League’s blessing! They’ll give you half of the proceeds for every sale. How cool is that?

The only real rules are that you must use the Free League Workshop logotype and the relevant legal text for the game you are creating content for. Other than that, anything goes. You can set any price you want for your product, or you can offer it for free.

Tabletop roleplaying is a uniquely creative medium. Free League Publishing has seen fans create fantastic content for its games since the publisher’s first RPG was released in 2012. To celebrate this, Free League today launched the Free League Workshop, a new digital storefront on where fans can create, distribute and sell products for Free League RPGs.

The Free League Workshop will also serve as the publishing arm for independent creations….the first release under the label, MORK BORG, will hit hobby shops later this month.

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