They were kind of lost in the noise of San Diego Comic-Con, but The CW put out fresh trailers for nearly all of its DC superhero lineup over the weekend. (The exception was Black Lightning, which doesn’t return until midseason.) Some of them show more clips than others depending on how much has been shot so far and how much effects work needs to be done. These episodes don’t have to be complete until October, after all.

Let’s begin with the shining standout of the CW DC lineup, Legends of Tomorrow. Half of this trailer is geniune new material, while the other half was pulled from the previous season. If it’s a special effects shot or involves CG, it’s from Season 3 — effects shots simply weren’t ready in time for SDCC. We like what little we see, though. As promised, this season’s fetch quest involves tracking down magical mythical creatures that have popped up all over the timestream.

LoT’s trademark sense of humor and self-awareness remains as delightful as ever. Several of the Legends express disappointment that they’ve only found ONE dragon so far.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we find the dark, depressing live of Oliver Queen, prisoner to his own horrible decision making skills — this time literally. His latest brilliant idea was to out himself to the world as Arrow, potentially facing life in prison for his vigilante antics. Oh yeah, and he didn’t tell his wife and son before he did it. The camera direction begs sympathy, but it’s hard to feel sorry for a man this stupid.

During the second half of The Flash’s most recent season, a strange perky girl started working at CC Jitters. She seemed obsessed with the Flash for some reason. Once she was revealed to possess speed powers of her own, her identity became obvious: Barry and Iris’s kid from the future! She accidentally trapped herself in our present and could be endangering the future. Just like pop, she’s inherited his natural gift for monkeying with time despite the consequences. She learned it from watching YOU, Allen!

Supergirl’s trailer isn’t really a trailer. CW instead referred to it as a “sizzle reel” because it uses more clips we’ve already seen than any other SDCC trailer. Most of the revelations for Season 4 came from the panel instead….most notably the addition of Dreamer, television’s first trans superhero (Dreamer is a cis female in the comics). Writing-wise, Supergirl crashed and burned last season — its original showrunner was fired and he took his ideas for the season finale with him. His replacements had to make up some junk on the spot, and the results showed. Let’s hope Kara and crew can get things back on track. With waste-of-space Mon-El finally leaving, there’s hope.

The CW’s superhero lineup resumes its run this October.

UPDATE: There’s also this, which I’m just gonna leave here as it speaks for itself: