First announced exactly one year ago (to the day!), Human Head Studios’ open-world viking-themed RPG Rune:  Ragnarok is about to see the light of day. The beta version is scheduled to reach Steam Early Access next month.

Set in Midgard during Ragnarok, the end of days, Rune lets players align with their chosen god as they pillage villages for powerful weapons and armor, complete quests for their deity and receive blessings of strength and magic, all to save the realm from the trickster god Loki! Adventure by land and sea across a vast world of wonder and danger alone, with friends or against real opponents in PvP battles. Drink mead and vanquish monsters, beasts, the living and undead with brutal Viking power.

“With Rune Classic, we worked to push the boundaries of PvP, and with this spiritual successor, we’re now pushing even further with intense, brutal combat mechanics not often seen in these type of games,” says Human Head partner and project leader Chris Rhinehart. “Use your enemy’s strength against them – literally rip off their arm and then beat them to death with it!”

Sound like fun? If you preorder Rune: Ragnarok before it comes out, you’ll receive a 15% discount from the retail price. Choose from three different bonus packs: the Warrior Pack, the Berserker Rage Pack or the God Slayer Pack, each containing more goodies than the previous (but also costing more). Use the code “Rune15” before September 18 and receive not just all those things, but the official soundtrack and more.

Watch for Rune: Ragnarok on Steam Early Access September 19. But before then, watch this trailer…

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