We promised we’d tell you when more details were released for RPG Maker MZ. Today we found out a lot….about the preorder program. You might find it unusual for a creativity tool to trade in the kind of “give money now, get free stuff” deal normally reserved for actual video games, but the creators at KADOKAWA Co and DEGICA Co have really embraced it.

If you preorder RPG Maker MZ, the software will cost $71.99 — ten percent off the planned retail price. But that’s not all…they’ll throw in a free copy of the previous RPG Maker model, RPG Maker MV, and they’ll sweeten THAT deal with the Character Generator Pack and the MV and MZ Remix Music Pack (both for MZ). For anyone who doesn’t own RPG Maker yet, this is a genius tactic…most newcomers would prefer to wait for the new version anyway, so why not throw in the old version and give them something to do?

The preorder program goes far enough to use the “Super Deluxe Edition” tiered system you see with video games these days. For RPG Maker MZ there are two, the MZ Bundle (which includes three bonus DLCs) and the MZ Bundle S (which includes five).

・MZ Cover Art Characters Pack (regular bundle)
The 16 characters of the Cover Art by ccR, brought to life with resources for your game. Comes with a Walking Graphic, SV Battler, faceset, bust, & full body picture for each character! Additional BGM will also be included.

・MV Trinity Resource Pack (regular bundle)
Get the resources from RPG Maker MV Trinity! Never available on PC before, this set features more full character sets, more tiles, more battlers, more backgrounds, more music, just more. This pack has everything you need to make an entire game.

・3D Particle Effect Pack (regular bundle)
This set contains 100 new 3D particle animation effects to enhance your games skills and magic. Nearly double your variety of MZ animations with just this one pack.

・Dark Fantasy Resource Pack (only with Bundle S)
Tilesets, BGM, character sets, all with the theme of Dark Fantasy. Perfect for creating a project with a bit of a different atmosphere. Bring the dark and brooding heroes and villains to your game.

・Essential Set Z (only with Bundle S)
The Essential Set Z features new heroes, new enemies, and a collection of tilesets to enhance the RPG Maker MZ Medieval Fantasy resources!

RPG Maker MZ will be released for PC and Mac August 20, 2020.