It’s Comic-Con time…sort of, and in place of big announcements we’re getting big DELAY announcements. They’re coming in so fast and hot, we can barely keep up with them all! Here’s what you won’t be watching later this year…

STAR WARS: The franchise was set to return to theaters in 2022 with a spinoff directed by Taika Waititi. It’s now been shoved back an entire year and is more likely to debut in late 2023, when we’ll all be so old we’ll be walking on canes to the multiplex.

AVATAR 2: James Cameron has been working on multiple Avatar sequels forever, and forever just got longer. Avatar 2 has now been pushed to 2022.

TENET: Christopher Nolan is determined to get this in front of a mass theater audience, no matter how long he has to wait. So Warner Bros has agreed to shelve it indefinitely until that can happen. if you want to see this movie, convince your dumb neighbors to start masking up at the store.

MULAN: Same fate as Tenet. Disney got fed up and simply yanked it from the schedule entirely. Now no one knows when this warrioress is rising to battle, but if you want Mulan so badly, there’s a perfectly good one ready for play on Disney+.

BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC: Different outcome here. Orion just caved on Bill and Ted, announcing a definitive Tuesday, September 1 release date, no matter what. It’ll either be in the handful of open theaters, or on demand, but you WILL be able to see a couple of middle-aged paunchy dimwits attempt to unite the world with a harmonizing melody. Good thing too…we could really use that song.