Canada-based Labs Games will be rolling out their new strategy game Safe House on Steam soon.

You are an undercover CIA agent, infiltrating the fictional country of Kazataire following a military coup. Your goal is to collect enough intel on those currently in power to bring them down. To do this you’ll not only do some spying yourself, you’ll manage a network of other spies from a top-secret HQ. Sneak around, earn the trust of your enemies and solve puzzles if you want to win the spy game.

  • Construct and manage your own top-secret spy headquarters.
  • Devise and solve a variety of spy-themed puzzles – such as decoding scrambled messages, forging documents, and exchanging secret phrases.
  • Embark on a non-linear single player campaign and unlock multiple endings based on your choices.
  • Play your way in the unpredictable ‘Endless’ mode.
  • Enjoy an iconic art style reminiscent of ‘60s spy movie classics.

You can check out Safe House beginning May 22, at a reduced price of $8.99. The game will revert back to its intended MSRP of $9.99 after a week — which we admit isn’t that huge an increase. You decide if you want to save a buck. Labs Games’ trailer lies below.