As part of its quaterly earnings report briefing today in Japan, Nintendo has lowered its earnings and shipment forecasts for the full year…

  • Sales forecast cut from 790,000 million yen to 660,000 million yen.
  • Operating income cut from 1,000 million yen to  a 45,000 million yen loss.
  • 3DS targets have changed from 16 million to 14 million units.
  • Wii’s target has been reduced from 12 million to 10 million units.
  • The original DS (including DS lite, DSi and DSiLL) have been reduced from 6 million to 5.5 million units.
  • The Wii’s software target has remained the same at 100 million, but the 3DS’s software target has been lowered from 50 million to 38 million. Nintendo are also forcasting that original DS software will sell more than 3DS at 59 million units but that is still lower than the original 62 million units forecast.


Reasons for the changes include stronger-than-expected yen appreciation and lowered unit sales forecasts.




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