Nintendo shows off new games and starts getting ready for 2019

While the Direct was delayed a week due to the earthquake in Hokkaido, it was shown on September 13th. This Direct was focused on major titles with only a few mentions of Smash Bros Ultimate. They gave focus on the 3DS and Switch. This is the overview of the Nintendo Direct.

3DS Titles

Kirby Epic Extra Yarn is coming to the 3DS. Kirby Extra Yarn is a port of the game Kiry Epic Yarn with some added features. There is a new speed run mode called Devil Mode, new mini games, and you can collect items to make larger yarn balls to use. Kirby Epic Extra Yarn will come out some time in 2019.

The first Luigi’s Mansion is coming to the 3DS with a new co-op experience as you and a friend who owns the game along with you can play through the game. If you have the game and your friend doesn’t you can play against bosses together. There is Amiibo compatibility with the game as well. Certain amiibos will reveal hidden Boos, unlock new areas, or give items. Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS will come out October 12th.

While Yo-Kai Watch Blasters is out now, there is new DLC on the way. The Moon Rabbit Crew DLC is free and depending on which copy you get, you will unlock new missions, befriend new Yo-kai, and unlock new bosses. The DLC will come soon.

There was a mention of Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside story and Bowser Jr’s Journey. The games release January 11th 2019.


More details about Daemon Machina have been told. As your mech called an arsenal can adapt weapons you get from fallen enemies if you return with them. You can also customize your human avatar as well. You may also leave your arsenal as well to explore. There will be four player co op too. Daemon Machina will release in 2019.

New details about Super Mario Party were shown as they brought some firsts and new things to the table this time around. With firsts the game has its first four player co-op, River Survival. Toad’s Wreck room will be able to use multiple Switch systems. In board game mode, Character specific dice will help you with an advantage. There are single player modes too, Challenge Road and an online mode called Mariothon Mode. All mini games are new and they’ll take advantage of the abilities of the Joycons. Super Mario Party comes out October 5th.

Asmodee, a tabletop program will be coming to the Switch, bringing with it Carcassone, Pandemic, and the LOTR card game. All will feature local multiplayer and solo modes. Carcassone and Pandemic will feature paid DLC for expansions. They will also bring in Catan and Munchkin. Carcassone will arrive in December with the other games coming in 2019.

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe is coming to the Switch as Super Mario U Deluxe. Along with it, two new characters will be available to play. Nabbit, who cannot be hurt by enemies and Toadette. With a super crown Toadette turns into Peachette. As Peachette she can float, double jump, and boost back up is she falls. Super Luigi U will come with the game for free. The game comes out January 11th 2019.

DLC and Updates

Splatoon 2 got its version 4 update, which you can check out here.

Mario Aces will be receiving an update to go along with Nintendo’s online service as you will get new characters Birdo, Shy Guy, Paratroopa, and Petey Piranha. there is a new co-op challenge mode and event missions where if you complete the mission during the time allowed, you will receive items for completing them. This update will come out the 19th of September.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC will be released September 21st, however DLC passholders will get it a week early.

Final Fantasy

The iconic JRPG franchise is coming to the Nintendo Switch in a huge way as multiple games from the franchise comes to the system. Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition is Available now. Final Fantasy Maxima will be available November 6th. Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon will come out this winter with co op play. Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10, 10 2, 12, and Crystal Chronicles will come out in 2019.

Quick News

Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle is coming out September 18th

Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Switch announced

Megaman 11 comes out October 2nd

Katimari Damacy Reroll comes out Winter 2018

NES controller joycons were announced compatible with NES titles coming to Nintendo Online. Pre order starts September 18th for those that subscribe to the service.

Diablo 3 will come with Ganondorph armor exclusive to the system and is Amiibo compatible. The game comes out November 2nd.

Town (working title) will come out in 2019

Cities Skylines along with DLC, after dark and snowfall are available today.

Civilization 6 comes out November 16th

The World Ends with You has a new mode called A New Day and comes out November 12th.

Warframe comes out November 20th

Just dance 2019 comes out October 23rd

Fifa comes out September 28th

Sonic racing comes out in winter

NBA 2K19 is available now

NBA 2k playgrounds 2 comes out this fall.

Lego DC Super Villains comes out October 16th

New Animal Crossing in 2019

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Can’t have a Nintendo Direct so close to a new Smash Bros without news about it. Though not as much as of late, there is stuff here. There will be a SSBU hardware bundle. The dock will have the original fighters on it as the Joycons will have the logo printed on them. It ill come with a code to SSBU on November 2nd along side the gamecube controller and adapter bundle. Finally, Isabelle from Animal Crossing has been announced as a new fighter in the game.

Check out the full Direct in the video below.