Dark Cuts Pictures, a new player in the movie distribution scene, will be bringing their first release — the cyber-horror movie E-Demon — to selected theaters starting tomorrow. And now the selected number of theaters has expanded!

Originally intended for just Los Angeles, the theatrical run has expanded to showings in New York. The movie will debut in the Big Apple September 21 — check listings if you live nearby.

E-Demon takes place entirely from the viewpoint of a computer screen. With two Unfriended movies out using this same gimmick, the idea is no longer innovative — but it appears like the rest of us, ghosts and demons have moved their work online as well.

Kendra, AJ, Mar and Dwayne are old college friends who find themselves growing apart. Attempting to hang on to their good old Ohio State days, the gang gets together online for a night of stories, pranks and drinking via web-cam. As the evening progresses, they unknowingly release a deviously clever demon that had been trapped for centuries in Salem, Massachusetts. Since the demon can possess multiple people at once, the group of friends must determine who they can still trust in order to survive the demon’s dark and twisted mission.

“Dark Cuts couldn’t be more excited about unleashing E-Demon upon the world. It’s an exciting and very unique supernatural horror film that audiences will really enjoy,” says Warner Davis, president of Dark Cuts Pictures. “What makes the film so unique is the blend of the classic Salem witch legends with the technological backdrop. We’re ecstatic to bring Jeremy Wechter’s work to North American audiences.”

In addition to Wechter, Michael Gonzalez, PJ Starks, and Emily Pojman were also involved in its production. E-Demon will be out tomorrow in LA theaters. It will also debut on VOD platforms the same day.