After Activision’s statement last month in February that there will be a new release of Call Of Duty, fans can have high hopes for some great possibilities of the game. After Activision’s purchase of the domain name back in January, it is highly likely that Call of Duty 9 will be subtitled Black Ops 2. One very high possibility, which was one of the most important features that fans are hoping for this new installment to have that was so popular in its predecessor, is the zombie mode.

Leaks of the new multiplayer mode have now also surfaced, which was found on the official Black Ops forum. According to the information that was pulled later by Activision, Black Ops 2 will now have a new added game mode. The new game mode called Escort, will be similar to the current Search And Destroy mode only now the player must be able to escort a live player to one of the three different areas depending on the chosen map and do so without being killed. The escort mode will also only allow players to have one life with ammunition. The two modes that will not be back in this installation are Team Defender and Infected, but Drop Zone and Kill Confirmed will be back.

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