High Octane Pictures will be bringing their new sci-fi thriller Loophole to VOD platforms early next month.

What if you could predict crimes before they happened? Many movies have explored this question, sometimes with literal predictions, but Loophole takes a more realistic approach. A human gene has been isolated that experts believe triggers violence. It is then publicized that people who have this gene are more likely to commit murder or violent acts against others.

A call for worldwide testing is made, and millions are ordered to line up for mandatory blood samples. A girl named Lexi submits her test, but gets a surprising result. It doesn’t say she’ll commit a crime, but it suggests….something else.

It goes off the rails from there. The promos are keeping it vague as to what is so special about Lexi, and there’s a lot of religious imagery in the trailer we’re confused by. All we know so far is, there’s this gene, and it’s bad.

Loophole was directed by Jenni Ivers, and stars Chloe Lukasiak (Center Stage: On Pointe), Kera O’Bryon and Timothy E. Goodwin (Bubba Ho-Tep). Look for it on VOD January 8, 2019.

In the tradition of Dominion and The Mortal Instruments, and from director Jenni Ivers (The Cabin) comes the sci-fi thrill-ride Loophole, premiering on VOD January 8, 2019 from High Octane Pictures.

The gene for violence is discovered, setting off a demand for world-wide testing, promoting the belief that these people will commit a violent crime. College student Lexi Smith finds herself in the middle of a collision between science and religion where all of humanity hangs in the balance.

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