Today is the day! You probably didn’t need us to tell you this, but Kingdom Hearts 3 is at last a real product that you can buy and take home and play. The last time a proper numbered continuation to the series appeared, everyone owned a Razr phone and The WB was still a network. You could say it’s been a while.

New to the KH series are a Tangled world, the Pixar worlds of Toy Story and Monsters Inc, and Big Hero 6’s San Fransokyo. Returning worlds include Pirates of the Caribbean, the Hundred Acre Wood, and in an inexplicable show of perfect attendance, the Olympus battle arena (who would have guessed Hercules would get this much representation across the series?)

“I am thrilled that Kingdom Hearts 3 is now officially out,” said Tetsuya Nomura, director of the Kingdom Hearts series. “There are many mysteries in the story, so players will want to take their time so that they don’t miss anything. The adventure lies within the journey, and not just the destination. This story marks one of the greatest experiences Sora will have with his friends, so I hope that the players enjoy it. To all of our fans around the world, thank you for eagerly awaiting this day.”

If you own a PS4 and you’re doing anything but playing the game (including reading these words), you better have a good excuse. “I have access to the Dreams beta” is considered a good excuse.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available now for Playstation 4 and XBox One. Square has put out a launch trailer, in case you need to see one more preview.

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