Alice In Wonderland has been used as the inspiration for a video game many times, sometimes directly. “Dark” adaptions of Alice are a cliche unto themselves — even Disney’s done it. And yet Zodiac Interactive, a Chinese development studio, seems to have done the impossible: a game about a little girl falling into a topsy-turvy fantasy world that feels fresh.

Iris Fall is the name, and it’s about someone named Iris who falls…not into Wonderland, but into a strange and demented-looking place no one’s heard of. To find her way out she’ll have to solve the puzzles in each room. The art style in Iris Fall is very striking, especially for a 3D-rendered game…most games with environments this visually complex are rendered as 2D backgrounds.

Zodiac Interactive has slated Iris Fall for a November 2018 release. It’s just a PC game for now, but if it plays as well as it looks, don’t be surprised if it becomes popular enough to make the console leap.

After awakening from a dream, Iris follows a black cat into a dilapidated theater, traveling back and forth through a strange labyrinth of light and shadow. As the story unfolds, Iris begins to realize that everything in this theater seems to have some kind of hidden connection to herself.