Developer S-Game is just about done creating their roguelike RPG Mad Crown. The finished game will be up on Steam September 28!

Mad Crown is a dungeon crawling roguelike RPG set in a dieselpunk world hundreds of years after the human race destroyed the world with nuclear weapons. The nuclear Armageddon awoke god like leviathans from beneath the Earth’s surface and a doomsday battle between these creatures devastated the planet. Players will set off on a quest to claim the Mad Crown, an artifact of untold power.

Spoilers: it’s that crown the Ice King was wearing, and the whole thing is an Adventure Time prequel.

Gameplay in Mad Crown is a mix of genres: you’ll explore through dungeons with roguelike mechanics, but when you fall into combat with monsters, the screen will switch to a turn-based system controlled by cards. Find the cards in the dungeons, and build your strategy….only when you master it can you obtain the crown.

When Mad Crown goes gold on Steam, it’ll cost $9.99. if you want to play it now, the Steam Early Access version costs the same price, so go right ahead.

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