If you have a Playstation 4, you’ve no doubt downloaded and tried out the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo already. You may also have read impressions on various websites…and noticed material (or should we say materia) that did not occur in the demo. The truth is, the privileged press got to play a larger preview of the finished game under Square’s supervision.

Most of the impressions out there now are just in text form and contain no videos or images of any area outside the opening reactor. BUT the web channel Easy Allies somehow got to show more. Nearly thirty minutes of footage is captured in the below video, which begins with the Number 8 Reactor raid, but also contains areas from Upper Midgar AND the Number 5 Reactor raid from later in the game.

We get to learn a lot of new information, including:

  • Materia will function the same way as it did in the original, despite feeling different in the demo. It WILL be possible to level the stuff up, equip different spells, etc.
  • Cloud will have more than just the Buster Sword. EA mentions they had five different swords to choose from in their preview.
  • During the Sector 5 raid, Cloud will be given one keycard, and will then find three different terminals, each controlling one element of the Airbuster boss. He can choose to disable one of its attacks at that point, but only one.
  • The last sequence shown is the Aps / Abzu fight in the sewers (it’s called “Abzu” now). It’s in this footage that we learn how Aerith handles. True to the original, she keeps her distance and shoots spells from afar. You can probably take control of her and attempt to attack Abzu directly, but it probably wouldn’t be smart.

Watch the full video from Easy Allies below.

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