He’s wrecked the PC….he’s stomped the Switch…now Hellmut, the Badass From Hell, is about to turn your XBox One into a chaotic, crazy den of destruction! Hellmut is a half roguelike, half frantic shooter in which the titular character faces off against foes like Rat King, Ghost Walker, Demonspawn, Orc Fairy, and Slimeball, and makes a mess of each.

Stomp and shoot your way through dark dungeons, blowing countless demons apart with gigantic explosions. Collect loot, souls and weapons as you approach dangerous bosses. You even have the ability to morph into defeated enemies, so have fun with that. New features include a Gauntlet Mode for two players (couch co-op), a Tournament survival mode, and the minigame “Invaders From Hell.”

  • Roguelike – Fight, Die, Retry. Collected monsters delay your death.
  • Transformation – Body swap between collected monsters
  • Transformation Wheel – Dynamic in-game body change
  • Randomly generated levels and bosses – Never play the same game
  • Boss fights – Obtain special rewards and add new Transformations to your collection!
  • Loot, Buy and Equip– Amass Soul stones, coin, items, weapons and buy new equipment
  • Multiple environments –Sewers, Caves, Castles and even Hell itself!
  • Challenges – Hidden challenges lead you to greater powers.
  • Local Coop Gauntlet mode for two players – play with your friend and challenge the incoming hordes
  • Play the Tournament Party mode – who can survive longer on the party?
  • Invaders from Hell minigame – play ancient coin-op arcade machine in the shop and defeat remorseless Invaders from Hell
  • Pixel Gore – watch an insane level of gore

Hellmut is now digitally purchasable on XBox One. Eventual physical releases are in the works for PS4 and Switch.

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