Developer Rebellious Software has been working on a new video game with card-based gameplay called World of Myths. Players pick a mythology (Greek, Norse, and Japanese characters are available at the moment, eight will be in the final game) and set to work attacking the temples of their rival gods to see which of them is more powerful.

In most CCGs offense means attacking the rival’s army, but in World of Myths the minions at your service, and the ones working for your rival, can’t actually attack each other. Instead your one goal is to topple the rival’s temple, and your enemies can use their energies to protect it. Land a blow on an enemy temple and you’ll receive bonuses like drawing additional cards and increasing the power of your units.

  • Attack and defend temples
  • Win battles to gain powerful buffs
  • Champion the mythology of your choice
  • Play with a legendary god
  • Dominate the world map by loyally playing as your chosen mythology
  • Participate in user-generated tournaments
  • Choose from three mythologies at launch Greek, Norse, and Japanese

World of Myths is built for the esports community, and supports ranked and tournament gameplay modes — but you can play it in any situation. And in the future, you can play it anywhere — a mobile version is in the works. Check out World of Myths today on Steam Early Access.

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