Back when Sega was one of the kings of the video game world, they released many titles that set the world on fire in fun and interesting ways. Well, now, one of the Sega Saturn hits, Game Tengoku, is set to hit Steam this winter. What’s it about? Well…

“Following the hit arcade title released in 1995, Game Tengoku hit the Sega Saturn in 1997.  It was a character based shmup executed with enough finesse as to make other shooting games envious.  It featured classic Jaleco characters mixed in with all-new original characters voiced by a number of popular voice actors and art by famous manga artist Tatsuya Souma.  Game Tengouku managed to be a character-centric game without succumbing to any of the cut corners that usually come with such a title.

The self-proclaimed “Super Duper Genius Smart Guy” Yamada has plan to take over the gaming world, and sets his sights first on the world of video games by taking control of all the arcade cabinets at the “You&Me Kamiyoga” arcade in Kamiyoga, Tokyo! But part-time arcade employee Yui Ito is ready to take him on! Determined to put an end to this before the arcade opens, she hastily hacks together all the used arcade circuit boards she has lying around and calls upon all the main characters to take down this evil genius!”

For more on this insane title, check out the official website. For those wondering, this won’t just be a simple port, as this updated version of the title will feature new characters and gameplay features. Oh, and it’s also coming to PS4!