Why does the Sigma Project/Life Force Megazord get Ignored?

I can't help but notice that this giant robo is usually ignored. Sure it was used only ONCE. In guidebooks about the giant robots, it's usually put in the pages with the other recolors of the other robos that never even appeared in the series. They never use this in Timeranger VS GoGoV, they have a perfectly good robot right here. For crying out loud, it slayed two henchmen powered by the witch herself, which is so powerful that none of the robos stood a chance against them, even combined. The Sigma Project may not be a secondary mecha of some sort like Victory Mars, or Grand Liner, but it is the first of the recolored or remold of the primary mecha. It's like Gao God, Bakuren Oh, Engine Dai Shogun.

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Most of us would like to forget that pointless robot. If they wanted to do the "using you own life as energy" thing they could have updated Max Victory Robo instead of throwing in a repaint at the last minute.
Mask X1 was at least acknowledged in Boukenger's file on sixth rangers. Mask X1 was a one shot sixth hero, like how Demon Hunter from GoGoV is a one shot ally helper kind of guy.


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I loved Sigma, but in retrospect, putting in a last minute mecha is definitely a head scratcher. Though, the finale of GoGo V was kickass, so I can forgive that.

Was the Sigma project even released as a toy?

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