Who's your favorite Phase 2 Heisei Rider?


This feels like reaching to me as far as a description of "plot". It's a tenuous suspicion about the Roidmudes' collective motivation, if anything. But they have done, discussed, and alluded to *nothing* that provides any information to the viewer about them.

That was not the plot. A plot that you fully know by the first quarter of a series is not a plot. It's actually you who's moving the goalposts of what a plot is supposed to be.

Gaim, for example, had a plot about overcoming Helheim. That didn't become clear until the middle part of the series.

Heart outright told Drive that they'll evolve more so that one day they can rule humanity when they faced each other in episode 10. That's it. In previous episodes they also complained about the evolved Roidmudes lost. They just want more power, either by number of evolved roidmudes or to evolve further in order to conquer the world. There's no mystery in that direction.

But how're they to rule humanity when they're basically wiping themselves out? Clearly this "ruling humanity" is not as simple as a grand conquest plan.

Kamen Rider IXA

W and Gaim are the only ones worth comparing, imo.

Eiji was one of the blandest main heroes ever. Drive is a good match for him.
Gentaro is a moron, who was overacted in like everything after his debut (which is a shame, since in OOO Wonderful he was pretty good). Haruto didn't have any character at all.
Honestly, all of them made me miss Wataru and that's some damn impressive achievement.

P.S. Kouta is the best.
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Why do people keep saying this? Based on what criteria? Because there are a hundred ways that Drive has been bad.

I'm not saying it's the case for everyone, you're perfectly entitled to hate it, I just don't think it's been anywhere near as bad as a lot of the comments in the community suggest. There is a plot, the supporting characters have had a chance to do more (well, at least more than in Wizard). We get to see the standard police work and we have a backstory for the villains. The only valid complaint I see is that the gimmick has been used to terrible effect and some of the action scenes have been lacking.

I just expect to see the community warm up to the show a bit more as time goes on. Hell, Gobusters managed to go from being pretty much universally loathed to seemingly being a fan favourite over a couple of years and that show did have a paper thin plot and had characters with almost less development than the Gokaigers. People just seem to pick up on very superficial elements of each show to love/hate and I feel like Drive is suffering from just not being what the western fans want at the moment.
I chose W, but it was a tough choice, since this thread is about the Rider and not the Series. Wizard and Drive are two really kick ass Riders in my opinion. Wizard's show was pretty weak, but I really like his abilities and forms, and it seems like he always gets the better of the Kaijin pretty quickly. Drive (much like W) is a detective and I just really love the detective theme. In the end I went with W because I think I'm most excited to see him in team-up movies, and Drive hasn't been on nearly long enough for me to pick him as my favorite.

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