The Oscars will be having a fan favorite category

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The Oscars are adding a new category from their roster of Awards.  Fans can become livid because their favorites got snubbed by the Academy. The Academy is known to be snobbish in Superhero Films, Rom Coms, Action, and horror. Appeasing the upset fans is a challenge, so this is their way to compensate.
There had been few exceptions, but they were a rarity. I can count through my fingers whenever a Superhero film or a horror movie wins that Golden naked man. The Academy does not seem to have the Pride to accept popular films as nominees for the best picture, so they compensated.
The Oscars announced their new Categories

Make movie history this year with #OscarsFanFavorite and #OscarsCheerMoment.
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There once was a time when I was a loyal viewer of the Oscar Awards. But I no longer pay attention to them. I go all the way to the late Sidney Potier, the first African-American to receive an Academy Award for Best Actor. Quite frankly, the movie he received it for was not really one of his best films. But I guess the people on the award committee tried to show they were “forward-thinking”. The Oscar folks have always been a bunch of SNOBS and a tad bit “out of touch” with the real world. They always behaved like “elitists”, i.e. the only ones who can truly judge quality entertainment. It's no surprise a new generation had to scream and shout in order for them to take notice that the entertainment world was moving forward, while they were standing still as if they were stuck in a time warp!

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