The Oscars Fan Favorite nominees are now revealed by the Academy!

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The Oscars Fan Favorite nominees  are here!  The Academy added this new category after the backlash from snubbing Spiderman: No Way Home. They rather make this new category that being more inclusive to different genres.
The out of touch members of the Academy never nominated this hit from any categories. The Oscars are wondering why the ratings are dropping but here here is the answer. Poverty Porn dramas and Oscar baits don’t connect with the younger generation.If the videogame Awards is starting to have higher ratings, they should be doing something and stop being exclusive to  Blockbuster movies. If they continue with this snobbery,I can expect more ratings decline for this prestigious event.
Many Award Winning bodies had been snobbish and elitist when it comes to Superhero films and other Blockbusters. DC managed to  break from the stigma after the Best Actor victories of The Dark Knight and The Joker. The Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Oscars Fan Favorite nominees


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The Oscars is Stubborn, They rather make a new category than nominated Spider-Man:No Way Home as Best Picture,Tom Holland as Best Actor and Andrew Garfield as Best supporting actor.

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