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God’s favorite Idiot is arriving on Netflix this June 15th! This Show is like the love child of The Office and the book of revelations. A workplace comedy set in the days of the Apocalypse! It is about the unlikely person God Chose as the savior of humanity on the second coming of Jesus. If you love Elizabeth Hurley’s performance as Satan in Bedazzled, You are in for a treat because Satan will be a woman in this program, a very sexy one. Netflix liked the script so much that there will be 16 episodes! Ben Falcone conceptualized and created this Show and cast himself as the lead character.
God’s Favorite Idiot official trailer

Clark Thompson (Ben Falcone) is God’s favorite idiot. People think he is just boring technical support which is still single and in his 40s. The only person that seems to appreciate him is his office coworker, Amily Luck...

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OH Holy Lord!!! This is not only a Melissa McCarthy series, but SOOKIE AND MICHEL Are All on MY Tv Once more!?!? SOLD!!


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While I appreciate Melissa McCarthy's type comedy, she appears to be typecast much too often for the same roles. However, it appears that this will be a memorable and amusing Netflix Office comedy series. Leslie Bibb as Satan is also fantastic. She is, in my opinion, an underappreciated actress with a wide range. This reminds me a little of The Good Place. Hopefully, this won't be canceled right after it airs.
When comedians are not forced to listen to top executives, they are considerably funnier. Although the funding is limited, they allow her to do whatever she wants. So it'll most likely be good.