Toy Hauls - What have you bought Recently?

Herman the German

Treasure Cards of the Underworld
Today, in the mail, I got my Double, Wizard Cherry Energy & Peach Energy Lockseeds. Peach Energy came without batteries, though, and I got none left. Crud. :V


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This came today, courtesy of Oki. (Trooper on the right) The army begins! Although he probably shouldn't be taking targetting information from a stormie.



Got Agito Renewal in today. My god, this is way more of an improvement from the original Agito than I expected.


Also got around to picking up some new Tau. Nice to see Games Workshop actually giving a discount in the bundle packs again.
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Glad to hear you paint at least some of them. Too often people field an entirely gray army, you know? 40k is sweet but I guess that's part of the reason I switched to warmachine because usually you only have to have 10-20 figures at once usually so it's a lot easier to have a painted army.


I don't mind playing against people that field greys, but you can't beat the feeling of two fully painted forces going at it.


Fly up, TaJaDor!
Bought a Gashapon Tajador medal set and a Candy Toy Shift Technic from ebay, they arrived today!

My OOO Medal collection is finally compete!




Twilight Princess is my favorite 3D Zelda, so I was happy to get the amiibo with it.

I've wanted a Shadow Fox model for YEARS. Went to Nakakon over the weekend and there it was. I wasn't going to pay the vendor's asking price, but he was willing to take $10 off after I pointed out that I could get it on Amazon for $20 less than what he was selling it for.

Also picked up at Nakakon. First Figma I've picked up. I meant to grab Lucina, but I didn't have the money at the time, but I can safely say that I'm impressed. I think I still prefer Figuarts, but I can definitely see why Figma is so popular.

Jedah Crow

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Been awhile since I posted a haul here. So this is a catch-up post of everything I've gotten since my last picture. (Minus the comics because otherwise, we'll be here all day.)


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I recently got this:

There doesn't seem to be a thread dedicated to this toyline though, so I'm just going to put these two pics here:



It's morphin time! Dragonzord!
wow you're the Funko Pop King I recently got the Iron Man Mark 46 from Civil War Funko Pop they're like the perfect display piece. recently I didn't buy a whole lot, I pre-ordered Pokemon Sun and Moon and but my friend sold me the old Power Rangers Command Center playset you know the one where you voice change into the terrible version of zordon which sounds like trying to talk with your mouth shut but the Nostalgia value drove me crazy thinking of not buying it even though John is my friend he still made me pay $50 more than I should have nothing against him he's my best friendI'm just saying that we take the same economics class in college yeah but it's fun I still play with it like I'm seven years old again other than that I got a few Doctor Who comics and I got the Iron Man reboot hardback collecting issues 1 to 5 so yeah maybe this wasn't a great month or two for collecting but the fun out number is the amount of items I got

Jedah Crow

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Oh there's people out there that have Pop collections way bigger than mine. But yeah, I've found myself transitioning my collection to these guys in the past year. They're relatively affordable compared to other lines, they look cute and they do almost everyone. It also helps that my wife is also into these guys, so it's a hobby that we can do together.

Through out the summer, I'll be hunting down Pops for Sailor Moon, Rick & Morty, classic Dragon Ball and Space Ghost. I've pretty much had to give up on Figuarts, other than the occasional piece here or there as I just can't afford to keep up with that line anymore. The only other toyline, I plan on picking up this year is the 6" Legacy figures and keep my fingers crossed that the line is successful enough for Bandai to keep their promise on making every Power Ranger ever. I like that they're starting off the line by doing Ninja Storm as well as Mighty Morphin, showing some love to other seasons.

In the meantime, we've gather more Pops in the past couple of weeks. A big chunk of them, we got at the Motor City Comic Con last weekend.




I don't play Imperials, but I think the TIE Defender is one of the coolest ships in Star Wars and I wanted the upgrade cards.