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  • how many figmas do you own? how do they compare to figuarts? i placed an order for the pit figma so i was just wondering.
    Not really. I did because I couldn't figure it out until I thought of trying again. Anyway I hope you enjoy my Fanfics if you decide to read them. I decided to go a trial and run with the first chapter editing as I get more ideas. I think that's an idea that just came to me today and should work wonders with my talents and personality at least I suspect.
    Forgot to say Please, but your not used to it so what ever. Anyway got to get back to finishing what I am reading, so I can get to work on Chapter 1 of my Sentai fanfic.
    I figured it out no thanks to you. Mr Misunderstanding my problem. Not that's your fault, but honestly it's much of a pain to edit them all together, so will just have to settle for from now on if I remember how to do it.
    (Regarding Mcdonalds Prime Toys.)

    NP. What I meant was that you can buy the toys directly without buying the food. ;)

    Fair enough, dchoc, I understand your point well..I was just explaining my reason was all and the MCdonalds Cons are pretty neat especially Megatron..though that's partially since I am a fan of Megatron & Galvatron from TF Series.

    Have a good day,
    Dude, got one at acestoystore. Thanks for trying to help out. Regards.

    Your welcome, I like to help people out when I am able to, and glad that you are able to get one from somewhere. ^^
    ^==Just there a price range that you are looking for on said Entertainment pack?

    can you hook me up with a TFP entertainment pack?
    ^==In Regards to your request, dchoc, I will look into the possiblity (no promises, but I try) in seeing if I can get you one.

    I try my best,
    I've used my own empty Bulkhead box as a stand-in to try to see if I could pack two deluxes and two voyager in the old HLJ box I still had and managed to fit them very well! Won't need much stuffing to keep them in place and the box won't be too big.
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