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eBay auctioneer mainecloseout has somehow obtained a massive stock of unsold toys from the 1980s. Over a hundred items are now for sale at prices which start at ten bucks, and browsing the page is quite the throwback trip. We’re talking unopened games for the Atari and Commodore 64, action figures in their packaging, books, tapes and all sorts of lost relics.
None of the auctions explain exactly WHERE the inventory comes from, or exactly HOW it wound up in their hands, only that it “was from a toy store that went out of business.” Based on the price tags attached to every product, they all appear to have come from Child World, an East Coast toy store that closed up shop in the early 90s.
Every Child World that ever existed was converted into another business long ago. It is more likely these were part of an abandoned lot somewhere in a dusty warehouse. They also appear to be rejected items, as...
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