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Jedah Crow

Dull Brilliance
The wife and I went on another POP hunt over the weekend.


Jedah Crow

Dull Brilliance
Another POP haul today. We hit up Hot Topic for Suicide Squad POPs and was successful and then some. Still gotta find the regular Harley Quinn though.





This guy was tucked away in the corner of my porch, so I have a sneaking suspicion he's been sitting there for the last few days after I saw the UPS truck driving by through my window the other day. Still, at least I finally got him in.

EDIT: I will also point out that, holy hell, the head sculpts are fantastic. The unmasked head is a dead ringer for Chris Evans.
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Jedah Crow

Dull Brilliance
^Yep. My wife and have gone crazy over them and actually have bought new shelves to store them. Though we've decided to slow down a little bit and limit our POP hunts to once a month.


Herman the German

Treasure Cards of the Underworld
So being on sick leave has it's advantages - like being there when the mail woman delivered my Drive Driver today. :0 It's surprisingly fun, over all >u<


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^Yep. My wife and have gone crazy over them and actually have bought new shelves to store them. Though we've decided to slow down a little bit and limit our POP hunts to once a month.

still all very nice hauls, I should probably snap a picture of everything I got at the anime con I went to in july


It's morphin time! Dragonzord!
The gamer driver and Kimiwaza slot holder set

Any gashats that i could find on Amazon

That's about it for right now unless you can count Pokemon Sun and Moon which I pre-ordered so technically they are mine and aren't mine at the same time. For some weird reason it seems that no matter what kind of shipping you choose for Amazon orders they're going a little faster right now that's it anybody should take avantage of that

Dr Kain

Look who I found today:


My early impressions:

Bullblack - He's pretty awesome. In fact, he is outstanding as his sculpt is nearly 100% accurate to the actual suit that was used in the show. Never did I expect that from a US company. Unfortunately, he is not without issues though as the upper torso is quite loose while his shoulder joints are way too tight. I also can't get his head off (and he didn't come with an unhelmeted head either). I love the way they did the sword as it can actually be removed from its sheeve and the gun is pretty cool. The blast effect rocks, though mine is warped due to how soft the plastic is and how it was packed. This is my first time ever owning a hero from Gingaman/Lost Galaxy and I am quite impressed. I hope the rest of the team ends up being this solid and that we get some villains to go with them.

Pink Ranger - This figure is a mess. There are so many different shades of pink used that I feel like she is an amalgamation of sevearl pink ranger figure pieces put together. Also, she can't hold her arrows for ****. It's terrible. It also doesn't help that the wrist hinge on her arrow holding hand does not move no matter how much I try to heat it up and try to rotate it. It's like it was never actually cut from the plastic or something. The paintwork on her helmet is quite sloppy too. I was really looking forward to her because she appeared to be superior to the Figuarts, but sadly, that is not the case. At least this version isn't. I'm going to keep an eye out for one I can exchange her with and hope for the best. Oh, I also don't get why she only comes with a gun when Hasbro has also made the stick mode. Thus, she should come with both. Lastly, I almost forgot to mention but that Kim head is horrifying. She looks like she is going to swallow my soul.

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