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Hi, all. As a figuarts collector, I often have to go searching far and wide for good deals on foreign toys, which often means I end up running into some sites that may or may not be shady or scammy. In an effort to help out my fellow geeks, I've created this thread to serve as a "hub" for those wondering if a given site is legit or not.

If you've got a site, text blurb, correction, or anything else you want me to add to any part of this list, leave a reply, and I'll get right to it (The list is small now, but I don't want to include just the big name sites).

Bear in mind, I'm not adding middleman services (for now) or big sites like Amazon or eBay. I'm also placing more emphasis on stuff like S.H. Figuarts and Ultra-Act ('cause that's what I know best), but if you've got a site that specializes in, say, role-play toys, let me know and I'll add it.

Trusted Sites
  • AmiAmi - Great store with great deals, but good luck getting in on pre-orders before they sell out.
  • Hobbylink Japan - An overall solid store. Deals aren't as good as AmiAmi, but they also don't sell out as fast.
  • Mandarake - This one's in Japanese, so it's a little hard to use, but it is a FANTASTIC resource for finding great deals on older figures.
  • CSTOYS International
  • Nippon-Yasan - This one specializes in high-end stuff like Figuarts, but they DO sell web exclusives, which most other stores like it don't.
  • Hobby Search
  • BigBadToyStore - Decent, but they usually get stuff in later than other sites (as they usually sell Bluefin's imported stuff).
  • CDJapan
  • Plamoya
  • Tokyo Otaku Mode - Pretty good prices, and free shipping on just about everything.
Do Not Use
[To Be Expanded]​

To Be Evaluated (If you've used any of these, let me know if they're good or not, and I'll put them where they belong)
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