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Does anyone know of any stores that have Toku toys? I know that Kinokuniya Bookstore occasionally has some Kamen Rider Figuarts or some type of small collectible, but they mostly just have anime books and figures. Uwajimaya had some Candy Toy Zyudenchi and Wizard Rings, but that was only recently that I had seen it, and it was not really what I was looking for. I'm mainly looking for stores like Power Anime in (california???) and Image Anime (New York???), but I doubt Seattle, and the cities surrounding it, have anything like that to offer.


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WA does not have any store that carries toku items such as Kamen Rider belts and Super Sentai changers. You will have to rely on Uwajimaya for candy toys of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai items. If you got Facebook, request to be added to Seattle Toku Weekend.


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Actually, there is a shop a couple of blocks from uwajimaya that has figuarts stacked up on the windows. It wasn't open when I passed, but it's next to this really awesome bakery. I believe it is on the corner of south Maynard and south Jackson. It might be sixth ave instead of Maynard - but its around there somewhere.

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Seattle used to have a couple of places to get Japanese import toys, but one closed due to poor management & the other closed due to a fire in the building the store was located.

So unfortunately there isn't really any physical stores in the area any more.


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Okay, I'm back from vacation (which was spent in Seattle several weeks ago), so I can be more direct and less vague. (I don't talk about vacations while I'm on vacation, as a rule). The bakery in question (mmm, that was a good bakery) was Fuji Bakery, which is at 526 S King street. (google, ftw). The hobby shop that has the figuarts stacked in the window (Google shows them, too!) is directly to the left of this shop on the street, between an American Hotel hostel place.

Faiz, is this one of the places you were talking about that closed down? Seems weird for a closed down hobby shop to still have hundreds of dollars of merchandise stacked in the window.

EDIT: More info: Yelp says the name of the place is "International Model Toys", and is located at 524 S King street. (I wasn't sure about the address number before) They're open from 12pm-6pm.
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