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They/Them (pronounced as They slash them) is Peacock’s attempt to empower the LGBTQIA+ by brutally murdering them on screen. Director and Writer John Logan wrote two Daniel Craig James Bond films and decided to make a horror/slasher that represents the sexuality and gender spectrum. I like that he wants to make the community feel represented. I am just not sure if this is a good genre for that. Think of Friday the 13th and “I Am a Cheerleader” combined.
They/Them also tackles the controversial issues of Gay conversion camps. These establishments never work because you can never pray the gay away.  Many teenagers who were taken to these locations get PTSD because they are prisons. Parents should love and accept their children for who they are.
They/Them trailer


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They have the intention of making the LGBTQ community represented but ends up making a movie where they are getting slaughtered instead.


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Just one cheerful and regular LGBT film would be nice. Why must they all feature violence or overt sexuality? There is no way to repair the homophobic YouTube comments on this trailer.I don't think this movie is for me.


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If you think about it, are they truly willing to put their lives at risk in order to be true to themselves and their values? Is the only option for these people to preserve their own skin by pretending to like the opposite sex? this movie is a metaphor to homophobia and transphobia.
The concept of "enbys" still confuses me, but in order to avoid offending them, I use the pronouns they prefer rather than my own grammar struggles that a single person wanted a plural pronoun.


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Choosing Kevin Bacon for this was a wise move. He has a natural charisma, but he accentuates it just a tad so that you're on the edge of your seat. The person who came up with that title is deserving of a promotion for his/her ingenuity. In my opinion, whomever came up with the title deserves a raise. If it has Kevin Bacon in it, I'm all for it.


I think this is an attempt to make a horror film that is like "Get out" Which is a horror movie with Black Protagonist. Queer characters barely survive horror movies and this is the intention of this film.


Does the killer respectfully asks them for their pronouns before killing them?
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The trailer is just hilarious for me.
The fact that the trailer has views means most people are really feeling this movie and would watch it. Most people are just watching it cause of Kevin.


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This was the worst movie I've ever watched, oh my heckers. The film is the furthest thing from a slasher movie, thus the trailer is likewise a complete fiction. I'm furious at how utterly pointless and just offensive this movie was. It mocks the LGBTQ+ community instead of making them feel like they can be the hero of a horror movie. They needed to use more psychology and less impulse if they wanted to make a slasher movie about a gay conversion camp. Due to all the trauma they have experienced, the characters may begin to doubt their own memories of the murders. In this case, the counselors may gaslight the characters, only for them to later admit that they were being duped. There are a gazillion other ways to make a movie of that type without the usual preaching about being yourself and making the killer a mere afterthought.

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