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  • Just send me your contact information in a PM and I'll look into shipping it to you during the week.
    Work and school just make everything much more stressful. Sorry for the double message, press post to quickly haha
    The girl thread issue is being taken care of, but you gotta fix up your signature. It's waaaay too big.
    Hey Lauren this is Philippe Nathan Siruno from Facebook. I think this is a safer way to talk or contact you with what I recently heard about your status change. I'm really sorry to hear about Lee... I wish you the best and I'm hoping things will get better for you. :'(
    Hey, how are you holding up? Best thing you can do right now is friend a friend/family member to crash with. You have to take care of you first and foremost, girl.
    I was shocked to find you're not on my friends list...
    Please forgive me! D:
    Yeah, haha, you're really encouraging me. :p
    I'm really looking forward to being able to do this now, it'll be the first time in years as my A-levels and GCSE's have taken over my life. I want to finally concentrate on my acting and with a Drama course on the horizon (providing I get the right qualifications) I'll be able to completely dedicate my life to Acting. :3
    Yeah. It's all the stress of A-Levels. Once I'm done with them I'm going to start looking for acting stuff again and training my body. I might try getting into new hobbies to so I can put it on my acting profile.
    Good luck for your Pink ranger submission! I would have applied myself but I have a bit of weight I really need to get rid of and I don't have any martial arts experience. (Although I do have breakdance experience) :3
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