The Mikki/Niwa Mikiho Thread


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Niwa Mikiho 4th DVD Twenty One ~Natsu no Toiki~ Handshake Event @ Akihabara


I actually got two copies of the autographed DVD jacket. :D unlike the first time I met her, I got really nervous this time. here goes...

Me: Long time no see~
Mikki: *grabs my hand warmly* Jacky?!
Me: *places her birthday present onto the table and got shocked upon hearing my name* Uh, yeah. *the present toppled over* Ooh, my bad... >_<
Mikki: *laughs*
Me: *laughs sheepishly*
Mikki: Thanks for always commenting on my blog! Your Japanese is good. o_o
Me: *scratches head* But studying Japanese is still quite difficult. There are still so many words and phrases I still don't know...
Mikki: Oh, but it's good~
Me: *got really nervous* Now I'm... I'm already used to... Japan's... Japan's lifestyle...
Mikki: *nods with relief*
Me: *still nervous* I'm... I'm looking forward... to your... movie... and stage play...
Mikki: *half bows* Thanks!
Me: All the best for rehearsals!

she called me Jacky, **** yeah! :buttrock:
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Jacky, congrats on not only get to meet Mikiho, but shook her hands and she even remembered your name. :thumbs: So she actually reads the people who left comments in her blog? That is great. If I knew Japanese I'd try to find the blog for Ayumi Kinoshita and leave comments over there and hope she'll read it. :p


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I headed over to the convenient store to get snacks and was surprised to find the magazine already available. they really do release it right after midnight. :O_O:




I've never ever bought a fashion magazine at all in my life, so this is a first thanks to Mikki. :laugh: it's nice to see her modelling again. she really has a good sense of fashion.


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bought these the past few weeks from Universal Music Japan. I'm going to watch the movie this Saturday night. :thumbs:


Cheerfu11y Movie Pamphlet + Special Edition Movie Pass


NIWA MIKIHO as Sachi (Basketball Club)
Stubborn and has a leader-like disposition. She talks in a very strict way, but has a great sense of responsibility, and she's also very strict towards herself. She's trusted by everyone around her.

EDIT: I didn't get Mikki's trading card, but another girl's one, which came along with the special edition movie pass. :disappoin so I won't bother to post a pic of it here.
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After a considerable absence, i've returned to the forums. School's been a *****, and I started watching One Piece (which has started to dominate my weekends). But it's great to be back! Oh how I missed Mikki-chan:wub:
Jacky you lucky ho! I'm jelly of all your interactions with Mikki>8(


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[HIDE]it's a medicine to get rid of constipation, so if you just look pass that message in the CM, it's actually very cute! :laugh:[/HIDE]

[HIDE]And if you keep the message in the CM and have a vivid've got one gross fetish. :rofl:[/HIDE]


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Weekly Playboy December Edition. thanks for letting me know about this JEFusion! it's nice to know that Mikki hasn't stopped doing gravure. :thumbs:


sorry for the bad lighting but anyways, I personally love the left page in the second pic. :wub:

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