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  • Yes I am working on more comics hmmmmm

    Oh? Well I own him now and the rest of the Dinobots XD
    Yeah cool I guess, was not a huge fan but I don't hate the series XD

    So yeah my comic is a semi-musical now
    Oh? So does in here, Sailor Moon was aired again since last year

    Not this again, look I like the show and ya don't and okay I respect that buuuuut no more of these random comparisons XD

    Ok then been posting a lot of updates XD
    Yes maybe cause it didn't make sense so hence I said maybe XD
    I may love MMPR but I'm not gonna praise all it did XD

    Cause everyone lieks different seasons and all so yeha no need to compare.

    What? He's a good guy in my comic it's pretty clear, those two girls are villains which is also pretty clear.

    Yes now go read them XD
    Heh maybe it was awesome, Plus points for MMPR S3 too for building up Zeo so well and introducing the Alien Rangers

    Stop these season comparisons it's been years :p

    and those two deka girls are villains in my comic, of course Iron Man attacked them :laugh:
    Looks like Mandarin in Iron Man 3 is not the Mandarin but the real one is still gonna come so YAY Mandarin!
    Ya weren't here for weeks so yeah spammed XD

    No, MMPR Season 3 made zero sense though I'll give Cap the Falconzord cause it kind fits him XD

    Glad ya enjoyed them I think XD
    Uhm yeah rewatching MMPR season 3..............Honestly I thought the Alien Rangers was the best part of the whole thing XD
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