The Mikki/Niwa Mikiho Thread


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a preview of Mikki's 2012 Calendar from


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apparently, Mikki will be starring in a movie, but I can't find any official source yet. will keep everyone updated when the info is released/revealed.


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aaaaand the movie is revealed as...

[ame=""]???Cheerfu11y?????????? - YouTube[/ame]

Cheerfu11y. sigh, Mikki as a cheerleader again. at least she doesn't have to use it against a monster this time. :laugh:


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4th DVD Twenty One ~Natsu no Toiki~
I actually bought 2 copies to get the ticket, but sold off the extra copy in the same building and got back only... 100 Yen. :redface2:


my ticket to Niwa-chan's handshake event, which will be held at the same place where I first met her. woohoo, single digit this time! :buttrock:

compare and constrast with this ticket:



EDIT: I also bought the special edition movie pass to Niwa-chan's upcoming movie, Cheerfu11y, on Universal Music Japan Online, which comes with a random trading card. hopefully it'll be Niwa-chan lol. can't wait to receive it.
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most probably, teehee. I'll also get an autographed DVD jacket + photo freebie as a bonus for participating in the event. :thumbs:


this is actually the 3rd time I'm meeting her, the 2nd time wasn't a handshake event though. :D

The perks of living in Japan. :O_O:


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I'm still not sure up to now. she did set her eyes on me, but didn't show signs that she remembers me because in that particular event, there was no session where you can get up close and personal to talk to her, unlike the typical handshake events. I will find out if she does next week. :D


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just redeemed this ticket from 7-11. MIDNIGHT DREAM~機械城奇譚~<COIL SIDE> Row B, No.6, very good seat! but it comes with a price... guess how much it cost me? :p Niwa-chan is the main lead in this stage play. not only I'll get a very good seat, I will also get special goodies as well. one of them includes an autographed picture of Niwa-chan, which I can thankfully choose among three other main leads. :thumbs: GaoBlue and MagiYellow's actors are also in this stage play.


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woohoo, it's already 27 September over here. Happy 22nd Niwa-chan!! <3 <3 haven't wished her on her blog yet, planning to do so in the morning.

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Happy Birthday Mikki-chan.

I'd like to go to a handshaking event. Since I'm an AKB48 fan, I'd like to go to one of their handshaking events but it's such a headache to do so. You only get to shake their hands for like 10 secs, is that how long you get to shake Mikki-chan's hand?


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I just reach out my right hand and she'll just warmly grab it. :laugh: she held onto my hand the entire time we talked face-to-face for the first time.

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