[J-TALK] Rika Sato (GoseiPink/Eri) is officially gone?!


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I'm very sorry, but I have to bump this thread because I don't want to start a new one.

Anyway, I'm fucking worried about this girl. Let's hope she does not become the second Sentai alumni to die. For god's sake. We already had KiRanger I die, we don't need a second to come next,


From Rangerboard:
Ryoutarou said:
There was a big scandal involving a few people from Rika Sato's agency and a man she used to work with (and the mafia, of course) around the time a usual team up would have happened. A bunch of the trashy gossip magazines were talking about someone matching her profile. (and she was removed from agency without notice around the time) I'm not sure Toei would have wanted anyone associated with Sentai that could hurt the brand.
So that's why she went off the grid!

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