Question about Toku DVD Boxsets


While I'm still on a mission trying to find nearly every episodes and films of many Tokusatsu franchises (with both great and little success), until I recently found one website that sells Tokusatsu DVD boxsets(which is temporarily closed due to some shipping problems as of February) which is this one:

Now, here is a problem I'm faced with, about 6 years ago when for Christmas I got the Super Sentai 30th Anniversary Guide that included an extra DVD but it never played due to being manufactured in Japan.

So my question is, if I want to get these Toku boxsets in the future, what kind of DVD/Blu-Ray player and TV should I get in order to play Japanese DVDs? Is it possible to order both of these from Japan?


That tokusatsu dvd site seems to be selling bootlegs.Their Kamen Rider page says:

All DVDs can be played in any player, no regional coding
Kinda suspicious. Plus, they're listing a few Heisei Rider sets with English subs, even though those have never been released with subs, as far as I've heard.

You can buy a region-free DVD player if you look around. Or if you're using a computer, there is certain software to get around region lock. Just Google for "region free DVD software" or something.