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Mar 20, 2012
I see you, creepy Dr Maki doll...
This week: They remembered that Hina had inexplicable super strength, Sougo isn't sure if the guy he's already stopped from murdering his employees with inhuman foot soldiers and backhanding a defenseless woman is going to be evil(?!), why does Eiji have two Ride Watches instead of one?, Castle Doran Mecha(!), that was a very low-key debut for the latest form - without even any swelling dramatic music, that is just a weak recital of happy birthday but Woz recovers by basically referring to Dan as sh**, and it seems Geiz has packed-up his weird neck braces and gone.

So even the minisodes have started naming and shaming the staff involved with this lol.
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May 6, 2010
I am so happy after watching this!

Episode 10:
This was undoubtedly a love letter to OOO. They remembered so many things from the series and put them in here, but they also justified Eiji as a politician. It's still hard to see him as anything other than a vagabond, but since he is trying to help as many people as possible, it makes complete sense. And FINALLY we get to see Hina fighting the villain, even if she did use Eiji as a weapon. That Time Mazine fight, though... Not sure why it needed the TaJaDor Watch when they should all ready be able to fly, but who cares, it was awesome and brutal! But that doesn't mean the episode is flawless. And for that, we turn to...

Before I knew it, this special was all ready telling me how the main character's personalities had taken a back-seat for the most part, and they were completely right! It wasn't necessarily bad writing, but it does make you wonder how Sougo failed to see the absolute obvious when everyone else could tell clear-as-day that Dan Kuroto was an evil king. "How not to be evil" should be a rather obvious concept. Anyone else want to defend this part of the show? Sougo was really being oblivious to the point of stupidity. I think there should have been a stronger emphasis on Sougo wanting to see what kind of person Dan really is. Maybe NOT wait til the last minute to tell his friends what he's doing. This episode, and the one before it, try to give us a mysterious misdirection with Sougo becoming Dan's servant for a while, but that just doesn't make sense. You don't need to be a servant to get close enough to someone and find out their motivations.


I liked how this story arc's victim for the monster of the week is a well-known character from the Kamen Rider Universe. Just a nice twist and adds more tension to the story.