1. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 10: "Hawk, Tiger & Grasshopper 2010"

    I see you, creepy Dr Maki doll... This week: They remembered that Hina had inexplicable super strength, Sougo isn't sure if the guy he's already stopped from murdering his employees with inhuman foot soldiers and backhanding a defenseless woman is going to be evil(?!), why does Eiji have two...
  2. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 09: "Genm Master 2018"

    You thought this was actually going to be about Eiji didn't you?! This week: The largest ham in the franchise is back, and this time he's got a floppy hat! Yes, not even the events of Ex-aid being scrubbed from history can dissuade Dan Kuroto from delusions of grandeur and maniacal laughter...
  3. H

    Kamen Rider OOO (Pokemon version)

    If there's a pokemon version of OOO, some trainer would become that rider and who I'll see in the pokemon world of OOO is Mewtwo being "Ankh". What about combos & Greeed deriving from.... - fire - water - grass - electric - psychic - normal - flying - ground - rock - poison - ghost - bug -...
  4. T

    [BUYING] Kamen Rider OOO Cell Metals

    I have recently bought some Kamen Rider OOO stuff, and instead of geting cell metals, I got the metal sets. With the Birth Buster coming in the mail, I'm looking for some cell metals to use in buster, the metal caliber, and the birth driver.
  5. K

    OOO PuToTyra Figuart

    BUYING OOO PuToTyra Figuart Is anyone selling a PuToTyra Figuart? or at least somewhere I can buy one around 30 bucks?
  6. firestarter1331

    S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo

    Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo - YouTube
  7. O

    what do you think bandai will do with the 79 missing ranger keys

    i've been wondering this for a while since gokaiger ended, does bandai have a plan for the 79 missing ranger keys? what do you think the company will do with these as far as releasing them is concerned? how would i be able to fill my treasure chest at this point unless the plan is a gigantic...
  8. DSP


    So I somehow came to own an extra set of the sagozo medals with the card, it's unopened as I didn't really have a need to open and thus am selling it. I'm hoping for a buyer in the UK but am open to other countries, though you'll have to pay for shipping alongside the normal cost. So I'm...
  9. V

    OOO Driver and Medal 1,2,3,4

    Hey all the names vash anyway i got a OOO river but im not that in to kamne rider toys so if anybody wants it il take anything over 90 note there are a bit of ware and tear but thats from the fact that canada custom are a holes so also this does include all the medal sets too 1-4 so if you want...
  10. TJOmega

    DX Medagaburyu Review

    DX Medagaburyu (OOO Role-Play Review) - YouTube
  11. zeronxepher

    [1080p] O-Medal Set EX - Kamen Rider OOO

    Hey guys, been awhile since I posted here :/ busy with life you see >.> Anyways here is a review of last season's Kamen Rider OOO, the lame MEDAL SET EX! The meaning of EX is beyond me (pointed out in the review.) [1080p] O-Medal Set EX - Kamen Rider OOO - YouTube Note: Best viewed in HD...
  12. TJOmega

    Gigascan (OOO Combo Change Medley)

    Had to upload this one to Blip so embed doesn't work here, click the link to view the video: http://blip.tv/tj-tv/ooo-gigascan-5648851
  13. TJOmega

    OOO Combo Change Figures

    Hoping to catch someone who upgraded to Figuarts on their OOO toys. Just grabbed Gatakiriba and Shauta off Mandarake so I'm really after the rest in the series with the exception of Birth. If you've got any to spare please let me know. I'll give the list just to keep track of what I still need...
  14. TJOmega

    OOO Driver: OOO Role-Play Reviews (Part 3)

    With the show almost done, I better get this posted quick! ooo3 ooodriver - YouTube
  15. firestarter1331

    Toy Review: SH Figuarts Tamashii Combo

    ‪Toy Review: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider OO Tamashii Combo‬‏ - YouTube
  16. zeronxepher

    [1080p] DX Medagaburyu Demo - Kamen Rider OOO

    This isn't the same video I posted earlier. My demonstration videos show all the functions without talking. YouTube - ‪[1080p] DX Medagaburyu Demo - Kamen Rider OOO‬‏ Note: best viewed in HD at full screen
  17. zeronxepher

    [1080p] DX Medagaburyu - Kamen Rider OOO

    YouTube - [1080p] DX Medagaburyu - Kamen Rider OOO Note: best viewed in HD at full screen.
  18. zeronxepher

    [1080p] PuToTyra Combo Demo

    This isn't a double post for those wondering. I do two different types of reviews. This is an example of my demonstration type videos where I don't talk but show all the functions. YouTube - [1080p] PuToTyra Combo -Kamen Rider OOO- Note: Best viewed in HD at full screen. Also, I'm...
  19. zeronxepher

    [1080p] O-Medal Holder -Kamen Rider OOO-

    Unboxing of the O-Medal Holder in HD like aways. Enjoy! YouTube - [1080p] O-Medal Holder -Kamen Rider OOO- Note: Best viewed in HD at full screen.
  20. nerefir

    Kamen Rider OOO - Talk Up Part 3!!

    Continued from http://forums.henshinjustice.net/showthread.php?t=63688 Three things that happened in the last Kamen Rider OOO: 5 purple Core Medals have found their way into Eiji's body Uva has been stockpiling Cell Medals in order to get stronger School uniform cosplay What will happen next...