[DISCUSSION] Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 14

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They must have bought a really large batch of these jumpsuits
This week: So they do have to re-stock the satellite!...how do they get the mammoth jets up there? The alternate Kamen Rider Verde appears; Let's go visit the bad guys; The very first suspect happened to be the spy - it's so easy when they have theme naming; not one but two new toys; I hope that secondary Rider blood spit means more than it did last year.


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Nice pic on the picture, Toku Prime! :D I was hoping someone would reference that.

At first, I was about to ask why Fuwa thought there would be a Death and Thunder duo (actually, I'd still like someone to explain that part), as well as why they didn’t investigate satellite Zea sooner. However, that final half COMPLETELY overshadowed everything!
A malware-possessed spy turns to an evil Kamen Rider.
I’m surprised to see a Metsuboujinrai Kamen Rider with a symmetrical design. But that’s NOTHING compared to Fuwa’s new upgraded form. He DECIMATED this new enemy! And I guess it too has a blow-back just like Shining Hopper. Talk about having a better premiere. Forgive me for just summarizing, but I really enjoyed this episode!

EDIT: Forgot to mention...
Apparently, RiderTime Subs is back! They weren't posting anything because of technical difficulties. However, they have decided to drop Zero-One because Over-Time is all ready doing a good-enough job on their own.
It's too bad; I really wanted to support and promote a different group, maybe give everyone a chance. I really liked the way they were translating Aruto's jokes. But there's always Genm Corp, Over-Time, or TV-Nihon if you're completely desperate.
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