[DISCUSSION] Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 11

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This week: It looks like Jin is no longer the number one son; Aruto manages to convince Oowada Shinya to stay on the project, but only after Enji has been scrapped; Yua takes Aruto to her real employer, who wants to make him an offer he can't refuse (and show off his holodeck); Shinya is assassinated, leading the police to invade Hiden Industries.

TLDR it all goes belly up.


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Looks like the fansub group RiderTime really is dead. I've been waiting, hoping they just vanished to work on a different project. They suddenly went silent after releasing their version of episode 6 and haven't made any kind of announcement since then. I really wanted to support them for a while, and then this happens. Why is it that any time I want to support a different fansub group, they just suddenly die? It happened with OrangeLion when they were subbing Ghost, and now it's RiderTime... Not that I mind too much, I'm alternating between Over-Time and Genm Corp, I just enjoyed that RiderTime was closing the gap and releasing things other groups have neglected.

Anyways, this was a much better episode over all. I feel like I shouldn’t complain about the lack of drones that AIMS could be using. Zaia has clearly painted themselves as a company that could be in cahoots with Metsuboujinrai.net. But the ending of the episode is what really sold it. Didn’t even feel like everything was wrapped up peacefully, seems like this is the beginning of a 3-parter!


ZAIA already know that Shinya will be assassinated. This can be two thing :
1. ZAIA in cahoot with Metsuboujinrai
2. ZAIA have control inside Ansatsu-chan, spying on Metsuboujinrai and plan ahead with his own plot.

But, it seem Horobi intentionally let Yua take Arcino ZK while hold Aruto down.

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