episode 10

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  1. Toku Prime

    [DISCUSSION] Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 10

    Yes, those are totally two identical twins and not the same child actor with his hair brushed the other way... This week: Kaito gets aboard the pirate's ship, apparently this show is based on a world where they still use sun dials and no other form of telling the time, multiple suns must be...
  2. Toku Prime

    [DISCUSSION] Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 10

    Just you see, this will get shipped for years to come! The other week: The villains exploit the Blue ranger's obsessive fan and manage to take out three of the five rangers, the fan and the MotW spend most of the episode giving each other piggy back rides, Blue manages to figure out some...
  3. Toku Prime

    [DISCUSSION] Kamen Rider Zero-One, Episode 10

    One of these actors has previously appeared in about half a dozen toku going back to the mid-nineties. The other was the Japanese voice of Mufasa in the recent Lion King remake. This week: Kamen Rider goes to the movies, live manipulation of video footage sure seems like something that could be...
  4. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 10: "Hawk, Tiger & Grasshopper 2010"

    I see you, creepy Dr Maki doll... This week: They remembered that Hina had inexplicable super strength, Sougo isn't sure if the guy he's already stopped from murdering his employees with inhuman foot soldiers and backhanding a defenseless woman is going to be evil(?!), why does Eiji have two...
  5. Toku Prime

    Lupinranger VS Patranger, Episode 10: "It's Not Over Yet"

    You don't think this outfit makes me look silly, do you? OK, yeah, I totally forgot to make the thread for last week's episode. I was busy writing the 'Super Hero Synopses'. Step up people. This week: Kairi is pissed, the male Patrangers are once again unwittingly helping out the Lupinrangers...
  6. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Build, Episode 10: "Technology of Destruction"

    DAMN RIGHT! This week: murderous robots, Banjou solid-snakes his way into a government facility before taking on a MotW barehanded(!), Night Rogue picks up a full 10-pack of bottles, some more bike action, and a convenient heart attack.
  7. Toku Prime

    Uchū Sentai Kyuranger, Space 10: "The Little Giant, Big Star!"

    "So which one of us is going to go down in history as 'the annoying one' from this series?" This week: your new ranger is a thieving little git, an insect-themed monster that can make things head towards the brightest light *puts on sunglasses* like a moth to a flame (YEEAAAH!!!), Big Bear's...
  8. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid - Episode 10: "Doctors Out Of Line!"

    This fight miiight be a little one-sided This week: If you can't make 'em co-operate then make 'em compete, sinister purple eye glow, RIP Graphite, and I guess Hiiro needs a new motivation now?
  9. Toku Prime

    Dōbutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 10: "The Most Dangerous Game!"

    Come on, let me see you shake your tail feathers! :band: This week: Genis plays the game, Amu is the wise and mature one, pushing a big red button has unintended consequences, (cube) animal cruelty, and the Kaixa-bird descends!
  10. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Ghost - Episode 10

    HADOUKEN!!! This week, Takeru and Makoto confront each other again, Akari's actress gives a masterful demonstration of dull surprise, a villain wisely points out that there's no good reason to explain their evil plans to an enemy even if they're confident that they're about to kill them, and...