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Name: Seto Tachibana

Age: 24

Race: Human

Origin: Earth

Designation: Kamen Rider Ixa

Gear: IXA Knuckle, IXA Calibur, IXA Magnum, Xummoner.


Rider Appearance:

Faction: Neutral

Bio: Seto's story and his journey into become a Rider actually started eons before he was born in another world. Among the Ancient Spirits the watch over the world of Fantasia, the Great Dragon of Light, Lunox, was among the more active ones. So strong was Lunox concern over the the Fantasians and the Enchantic Kingdom that several times during times of war he would asume a corporeal form and personally decent over the battlefield and provide aid. Thus he was hailed as the holy guardian of the kingdom and the royal family. Needless to say, when the other Ancient Spirits decided that it was time to leave Fantasia to fend for themselves, Lunox was against, believing that evil forces were just waiting for an opportunity like that strike at the Enchantic Kingdom. However, Lunox knew that he could not go so blatantly against his brethren's decision without it developing in an all out war between the Ancient Spirits, with cataclysmic consequences for Fantasia, so he decided on a compromise. Not wanting to leave the Enchantic Kingdom, but abiding to his brethren's wishes, Lunox sealed himself inside an egg-shaped stone, called the Shining Gem, where he would remain dormant until evil threatened the Enchantic Kingdom again. Unfortunately, Aesir had known what Lunox had done, so when he first started his campaign to conquer Fantasia, one of the first thing he did was locating the Shining Gem and attempted to destroy it. At that moment, Aesir's power and the protective spell Lunox had placed on his seal, reacted and opened a rift in which the Shining Gem fell onto. Believing Lunox to be out of his way regardless, Aesir proceeded with his plans.

The rift had actually been a rift in space and time that not only sent Lunox to Earth, but thousands of years into that planet's past. The journey had severely weakened Lunox's seals, gravely damaging his body, but also freeing part of its consciousness. Realizing that he had underestimated Aesir and failed Fantasia, Lunox had not option but to surrender to his doomed fate, but, as a form of atonement, Lunox decided to use his remaining time to help the inhabitants of Earth, manifesting himself in front of them in a spectral form, and thus the legend of dragons was born in human culture. Unfortunately, Lunox eventually succumbed to his wounds and the once immortal dragon died inside the seal. Many eras went by until scientist in modern times stumble upon the Shining Gem and decided to take in under study due to the strange energy signature it emanated.

Then came the day in which Aesir's Shadow Soldiers first managed to enter the Earth realm. Despite the government managing to keep the small skirmish that ensued under-wraps, two things occurred on that day. Seto Tachibana, a young and promising up-and-comer in the army Special Forces division had been visiting his parents home in the small town that Aesir's forces appeared in on that day. When the Shadow Soldiers started to lay waste to the town, the off-duty soldier tried his best to protect everyone until the army could arrive, and while he fought extremely well for a normal human, a stray shot eventually knock him out, and by the time he came to the monsters were already gone and so was everything Seto ever care about. After the incident, scientist discovered that the monster gave off energy signatures somewhat similar to the Shining Gem, which immediately sparked interest in the artifact. Tampering with the stone eventually unlocked the seal, releasing Lunox's body, which despite to be seemingly inert gave off a colossal amount of energy. The next day, the military created the Slayer Dvision, tasked with creating a weapon to fight off the monsters using the findings of the Shining Gem and what would soon be called the Shining Dragon. Their first attempt was creating something out of the dragon's body, retrofitting it into a cyborg weapon, but no matter how much the try, they could never incorporate an AI that would animated it, however, their second attempt had more success.

After burying his parents, as well as so many other villages that he had grown up with, all that Seto was had was his younger sister Yuna, who was left in a coma after the attack. Having being part of the first makeshift defense against the Shadow Soldiers and having being exposed to the monsters' energy signature, the military offered Seto an place in the Slayer Division and, for the chance of some sort of retribution, he immediately accepted. The scientist in Slayer had managed to develop an armor, the Itercept X Attack System, using both modern technology and materials from the Shining Gem itself and tapping into the dragon's body as a power source, and they wanted Seto to be the first test subject for it. However, the day the armor was first activated, something unexpected happened. The now robotic dragon suddenly came a live and enveloped the entire laboratory in a blinding light before disappearing. Scientist immediately scrambled to find out what had occurred and soon discovered that the dragon's energy signature was now coming out of Seto's body, making him the only person that could use the IXA System. During his first encounter witht he Shadow Soldiers as Kamen Rider Ixa, Seto realized a strange artifact with his gear, when he use it, he heard a powerful voice echo in his head saying "I have been waiting for so long... Thank you..." The next thing the young man knew, the Shining Dragon itself appeared before him and assisted him in the fight, scientist would later call the artifact, the Xummoner.


Lunox Original form:


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H-How is my Knight Templar supposed to compete with that?!?!?!

*Waves white flah* you can have IXA. Well done man, you deserve the position.


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The past few weeks I have reviewed my profile entry for Nadeshiko in the past RPG and have now come towards a realization to be on the border line of god-modding considering how many Astro Switches accessible in Kamen Rider Fourze. It is with this decision that Kamen Rider Fourze will be added to the already list of off-limit riders.

Name: Fang "Karoi" Satomi

Age: 17

Race: Ancient Spirit (Confined Into A Humanoid Body)

Origin: Fantasia

Kamen Rider Designation: Kamen Rider W (Double), Kamen Rider Cyclone (alone in emergencies)

Gear: Double Driver, Cyclone Memory, Heat Memory, Luna Memory,Fang Memory and Xtreme Memory.



Rider Appearance:


Fanction: Guardians


The daughter of the devil categorize by Aesir’s followers, Fang was born from the dark deity very essence. Having conquered the Enchantic Kingdom the ancient deity feed lies and deception that the royal family to have been executed discover there to be those who refused to accept it. Aesir knew long they continue to have hoped that the royal family might be alive and safe will eventually rise up in a rebellion. This is the very reason Aesir inserted only the most loyal of his followers to infiltrate that he may keep tabs and attack directly at the source.

As affective they proven weeding out those who challenge Aesir’s will saw a greater dangerous potential. Aside from the small upscale rebellion feared most of was had been Fantasia awakening to the truth. It was possible that the door between the two worlds to be open if they pulled their combine wills. They would then have the means to enter the Human world that they may find the royal family. More importantly what of Enchantic Kingdom royal family? There was a probable chance they were simply waiting until the time was right returning to Fantasia. Viewing the different scenarios did not entrust such a task to be handle by the elite class alone. Taking parts of his essence and powers gave life to Fang to be the ultimate bio-weapon. The ultimate bio-weapon with psionic attacks to be used handling both matters in a clean cut fashion leaving no traces. Hardly a difficult decision to make Aesir chose not to raise the infant Fang as his child. Keeping her isolated from the world Fang was raised and train to be that of a super-soldier. A weapon. The perfect weapon voided of emotions, thoughts and a will of its own to use the Gaia Memories.

Gaia Memory, a mysterious device resembling a USB flash drive that contains the entire Fantasia’s knowledge and channeling the spirits power, created by the scientists under Aesir's grand design. This enables its user to become a Golem, or in some special cases a Kamen Rider. Every Gaia Memory is adorned with the first letter of its name, stylized to reflect the powers it imbues on its user. In order to transform into a Golem, the Gaia Memory is first inserted into a device called the L.C.O.G (Living Connector Setting Operation Gun. Whenever the Gaia Memory is pressed onto the Living Connector, it enters the user's body and transforms the user into a Golem. Use of a Gaia Memory without a Living Connector is possible, but the side effects of doing so are nearly fatal. The Gaia Memories appeared to unstable for any of Aesir’s followers to use thus project Fang had been established. They theorized that if they had a super-soldier immune to the side effects of the memories. The name Fang was given to the project due to ferocity the young child amazingly demonstrated. There was only one little flaw with that plan developed after the numerous failed experiments. That flaw was that Fang had grown a will of her own unnoticed to the scientists or the deity that gave her life.

Fang learn swiftly of Aesir’s movement and every little secret including what he had in plan for her. Being born from a part of the ancient deity Fang seen that the only chance of thwarting his grand scheme lay hidden in the Human World. In order carrying out the hidden agenda Fang would require the completion of the Drivers. The Drivers were to filter out the addictive influence derived from the memories to access the memory’s full power. When the final model (Double Driver Belt) had been completed Fang made her move. In what to be known Begin Night, Fang unleashed her psionic powers on the facility and workers. Taking the metal briefcase containing the belt and six memories fled into the night, tearing open the door into the Human world. The parting words left with one of the surviving staff, “I will find the one with the courage to ride with the devil and together we’ll make a miracle happen.” News of his ‘daughter’ escape (and promise) Aesir that both Fang and the metal briefcase are found and return in one piece traveled fast. That very night Fang inadvertently ran into Amber with the Shadow Legion on her tail. Fang very well simply taken care of her pursuers change that plan shifted to with Amber being the focus center. At the time present the kind-hearted young woman before Fang would perfectly suit her objective. “Do you want to live or die here? Make the decision now for they won’t wait till you decide.” she spoke revealing the metal case. A smirk cross her face dissolved hearing Amber’s agreement to help her dissolved as the soldiers drew close and forced the Double Driver Belt on her, resulted in Fang’s first transformation into the being known as Kamen Rider W (Double). Such a thing was very rare Fang accepted her offer for a place to stay and the more human name of Karoi. Later she would pick up Amber’s surname to finalized making them not only as partners, but family too.

Personality wise, “Karoi” is a person who is quite calculating even it comes to using Amber to her own personal gain to take down her father. Raised to be nothing more than a bio-weapon, different emotions and feeling that surface strikes her quite fascinating. When it comes down to the bottom line she’s learning what it means to live a normal life thanks to Amber. Often when Karoi catches her sister’s annoying tendencies does not hesitate to let her know.

Name: Amber Satomi

Age: 17

Race: Human

Origin: Earth

Kamen Rider Designation: Kamen Rider W (Double), Kamen Rider Joker (alone in emergencies)

Gear: Double Driver, Joker Memory, Metal Memory, Trigger Memory and Xtreme Memory.



Fanction: Guardians

Background: There is not much to be said about Amber seem all that interesting to another person. As a child, Amber lived in a part of the city governed by local neighborhood watches kept it a safe community. Leading a normal, and quite a boring life Amber is a day dreamer, always having her head in the clouds and thoughts about the life of a hero, defending the weak, smiting those who dared to disturb the pace, saving the world from certain destruction. Dreams unrealistic as they seem wanted to make a difference in the world like her father serving as a police officer following in his footsteps. Her overprotective was utterly against this heavily insisted attending medical school instead. Confined to her room studying still wanted to make life more exciting and meaningful…but Amber got far more than she was expecting. Her wish for a more exciting life would soon come, presenting itself in the form of a mysterious woman who called herself “Fang”, the woman was chased by what appeared to be odd, and violent creatures that looked like something out of a video game. The woman presented Amber with a suit case inside was an odd belt and six USB keys, and asked him a simple question: "Do you want to live or die here? Make the decision now for they won't wait till you decide." Amber, being the kind of person who could never turn down a person in need he agreed to help her, but what Fang had in mind, forcing the strange belt onto him, Fang forces Takuya to use the Driver, this resulted in Takuya’s first transformation into the being known as W.

Personality wise, Amber is a person who tries to act cool and smooth, but her awkward clumsiness often prevents her from truly showing off. Reckless and stubborn, once she gets an idea into her head, she doesn’t let go of it easily, she is someone who can’t turn down anyone in trouble, this often puts her at odds with Fang.
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Galaxian just....wow...amazing profile which earns the stamp of approval. And here's my pic that I've chosen for Wizard. And must say Galaxian, you've also given me an inspiration to her too. Age why this one will be range around 14yrs or 15yrs old. I shall be posting Kiva, Aesir and the rest later tonight. Wizard shall be sometime next week pending if I'm not exhausted working a seven day stretch. Yeah...hours were not favorable and had to pick up a few to make due.

Name: Shiro

Age: Undetermined (Appears to be in her teens)

Race: Fantasian

Origin: Fantasia

Kamen Rider Designation: Kamen Rider Kiva


Kivat-bat the 3rd
■Wake Up Fuestle (This Fuestle allow Kiva to perform Darkness Moon Break attack.)
■Garulu Fuestle (This Fuestle summons Garulu from Castle Doran.)
■Basshaa Fuestle (This Fuestle summons Basshaa from Castle Doran.)
■Dogga Fuestle (This Fuestle summons Dogga from Castle Doran.)
■Doran Fuestle (This Fuestle summons Castle Doran. )
■Buroon Fuestle (This Fuestle summons Buroon from Castle Doran and turns the Machine Kivaa into the Buroon Booster.)
■Tatsulot Fuestle (This Fuestle summons Tatsulot from Castle Doran. It is different from Kiva's other fuestles in that it is red instead of transparent and does not appear to be stored on Kiva's belt.)


Human Form:

True Form:


Rider Appearance:


Emperor Form

Faction: Guardian


The daughter born of the fantasian known as the ‘Conquering Silver Wind’ from Xeph’s notable highlight rise to power. As it was with the fallen kingdom now under Xeph’s reign Shiro’s birth was not a significance between Xeph and the kingdom’s princess Sakura for the new ruler held no actual feelings toward his bride nor child only trophies of his exploits. For the safety and future of her only child Shiro’s mother did everything possible that she may at least have a normal life during Xeph’s continuous campaigns for power than to have Shiro go down the same path. This proven a daunting task both physically and emotionally raising Shiro accordingly as Xeph’s teachings were ordain mandatory was only able to preserve Shiro’s sanity. An act that kept Shiro from spiraling down the same path acting as puppet for Xeph’s cause.

Two weeks before the Royal Family of the Enchantic Kingdom Shiro was forced bear witnessed to her mother’s execution when Sakura sought to warn them about Xeph’s next campaign. A small part of Shiro truly believe that her mother would be spared by exile rather execution as an act of love for the years they had spent together despite all the evil acts committed. A false belief that open Shiro’s eyes that this man was no father at all, but a monster. Until her father was defeated Shiro refused morn her mother’s death and those fallen whom either served Xeph or fought against him. An additional vow to become the instrument that will aid in her father’s downfall. A prayer that seems to be answered when the Royal Family sealed her father away worked diligently to make reprimands by helping the victims reclaim what was lost. Shiro’s father now seal no longer to do anyone further harm in his conquest for more power found it could not shake the feeling that the nightmare was over.

The reprimands for the damage Xeph caused to many pleased those inflicted not many were just as forgiving viewing Shiro a threat. Their actions justified wandered throughout Fantasia than remain in the palace tainted with bloodshed. Years passed when news of the Royal Family of Enchantic Kingdom fell under siege the seal place upon her father shattered due to the ancient spirit Aesir invasion. If the rumors were true Shiro knew that her father would seek to reclaim what was lost. Xeph needed to be stopped followed down the direction to where he had been spotted last. It was amongst this search Shiro encountered an unusual creature Kivat-bat the 3rd. From her new friend, maybe her only true friend was not surprised hearing Xeph conquer of the Fangire race and alliance with Aesir. Matters of affairs what happened to the Royal Family were of no importance accepted Kivat’s offer to be his partner as they were one and the same in a way. If the rumor fables were true and the Royal Family had indeed survived offer any help as possible keeping only a distance from the Knights not wanting them to discover the truth.

Character Song: Bad Apple (will post soon)

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbmymoYcS90&feature=related"]Transformers: Prime - Bad Apple!! [English] - YouTube[/ame]
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Name: Aesir

Age: Unknown

Race: Ancient Spirit

Origin: Fantasia



Faction: Lord of the Shadow Legion

History: When Fantasia was once a barren wasteland planet the Ancient Spirits gave it life. From its pristine waters to the planets inhabitants had been designed to their shared ideas. Everyone’s except for the one known as Aesir. Though they have given creation to the once lifeless planet Aesir became outrage by his fellow deities granting the Fantasians power to shape their own destiny and that of the planet. Wanting to prove how foolishly they had been created the first war by spreading the seeds of doubt amongst the people.

The devastating war had taken the equally amount of years it had been created by the Ancients. Pleased by the fruits of his own labor confronted his brothers and sisters showing them the error of their so-called utopia. Aesir declare that the power to shape Fantasia should never have fallen into the hands of their own creations, but them. They were the ones that had given it life so should its fate be decided by them alone. Indeed Aesir actions had awaken their sense a utopia was foolish concept seen a new glimmer of hope.

Bounded by their vow did not take favor onto any one of the divided kingdom sewn seeds of their own to create a system run by the royal family of each kingdom. A seed nurtured by their action will help either end or continue the war was based on their actions alone. With the Ancient Spirits presence no longer needed forged several treasures containing part of their power. Amongst the divided countries the Enchantic Kingdom had been chosen as the recipients making it the pillar. Their departed words that these gifts will save two worlds entrusted them only to be wielded by the royal family, a member of their royal court, a royal guard or knight. This sacred duty passed down from generation-to-generation still unknowingly of this second world to whom the deities speak as his name was stricken from records. Though the world may have forgotten him Aesir did not them and vowed revenge.

Waiting for a windows opportunity Aesir continued to influence those who had not forgotten him. Those whom remain loyal were to be granted these objects of power against their enemies. From them Aesir gain in power and strength broke free. Awaken Aesir finds himself within a new evolution of Fantasia did not sense any of his brothers or sisters. With none to impose sought out the Enchantic Kingdom to take possession of the relics left behind of his fellow deities. For they impose a dangerous threat if not left unchecked. Commanding his followers set out on a long campaign to destroy those who dared to defy his will. As his forces advance accordingly Aesir descended before Enchantic Kingdom demanding the ancient relics return to him. In a great disappointment Aesir did not have the pleasure meeting the kingdoms royal family only its’ King. An even greater one learning that he arrived too late as the items he sought were lost within the Human World and the passageway closed. Taking it more as a gain continued the campaign until Fantasia belonged to him, making Enchantic Kingdom his own.

A decision he will soon regret feeling the traces of the royal bloodline and that of the Ancient Spirits within the Human World (Earth). Grown within power and bored easily found these traces to be all desirable wanting to add that to his own. Nothing will stop him to make up for that small grave error.

The following two are minor grunts that also serve Aesir and his forces. Currently there's not much detail...or name....trying to work something out.

Shadow Golem


The Shadow Golem fallen Fantasia/Earth soldiers of Aesir carrying out the Ancient Spirit or that of his elite Shadow Knight’s command. From stolen bones/burial ground and ashes are given life again performed by a forbidden ritual still practice by Aesir’s priests and priestesses. The ritual grants them life anew Shadow Golem do not contain any free will of their own, but do demonstrate a degree of intelligence, loyalty and ferocity needed.



Fireshades another extension of Aesir’s forces that work together as a pack. There are various origins of the predatorily beasts being the first inhabitants created by the Ancient Spirits when the planet was still quite new. Different these stories between the divided kingdoms their fate was recorded on the seal place by the Ancient Spirits. As the planet grew and more species flourish became enraged that their territory was compromised ravaged the lands in a blaze of fire in retribution. Feeling that they had created a great wrong these beast were seal within an inactive volcano, a marker had been place to warning all travelers not to remove the seal or risk destruction to the kingdoms. With his fellow brethren gone Aesir found favor in the resentment for being sealed away presented them with an offer. Freedom. In exchange they were to become another extension of his power.
EDIT: I've decided the limit for any player shall be set to four. I shall be rewriting Nadeshiko's bio too.
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A few NPCs'

Name: Benjamin “Ben” Morris

Age: 23

Race: Human

Origin: Earth



History: Benjamin Morris (prefers to be called Ben for short) is Raina’s childhood friend and brother-like figure. When they were both very young Ben’s family moved next door after his mother was promoted vice-president to the Nebula Incorporation first encountered the mysterious young Raina.

Having seen how Raina often tends to isolate herself from their fellow classmates and kids on their block reminded much of his late sister, Shirley. A reminder that he found painful did not want Raina to feel she needed to be alone. A request made by Raina’s mother due to Raina’s unique “illness” agreed to be Raina’s big brother. Over protective Ben would not hesitate to deal with anyone that dared to pick on his “little sister” often landed himself into detentions quite frequently.

Now a junior at the downtown community college Ben still continues playing the big brother in Raina’s life. When Ben did not qualified for a scholarship or financial aid applied for a part-time job at the Avalon Video Arcade store, which after his second year was promoted as manager. When creatures and armor-clad figures known as Kamen Riders start to appear wonders what exactly is going on.
Name: Edward Steward

Age: 22

Race: Human

Origin: Earth



History: Once known as the youngest journalist for the city newspaper now works alongside Benjamin Morris (a fellow college buddy) at the video game store after admitting publicizing false stories. Much to Edward’s disdain accepted Ben’s offer after no other journalism communities would accept his resume. From that regrettable mistake Edward works on becoming more of a professional journalist by gathering all the facts rather than fabricating them. Unfortunately the news in the media local and international do not seem remotely interesting enough to him.

Edward seeks out a story that would blow everyone’s mind and place him back on top. That opportunity in form what would be known being at the right place at the wrong time. What would be known as the first recorded sighting of a figure to be known as a Kamen Rider. As more appeared wherever these strange creatures or twisted version of the riders appeared Edward wanted to learn the nature of these riders and if they could be trusted. To him it mattered not, only that they gave him a good story to report and get out of that dump.

EDIT: I will be working on both Wizard and Nadeshiko over the week.


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Okay then, here's my revised Bio for Eternal. David is no longer a rider but that doesn't make him any more dangerous, especially with the plans that I have in mind. Also MagiPink, I set up T3 Gaia memories so I won't infringe upon your Double character's memories. Do you mind if I did so or does it mess up any of your plans? I will send you my ideas for the "R" memory, which is probably the most dangerous memory in this game.

Daemon Hayato, the heir of the illustrious Hayato family. Known for their outstanding history as the best law enforcers, SWAT agents, security officers, and military officers, the Hayatos were the pride and joy of their community. Steel and gunpowder ran in their blood, most people said, and the dozens of family members were dedicated to protecting their community and those that were precious to them.

Damon received education from dozens of tutors. He learned and endured things that would break a normal person. But Daemon was no ordinary person, even for a Hayato. From life-or-death spars with some of the best combat experts in the world to survival in the wilderness, Daemon was groomed and conditioned to be the heir of this infamous family. He never faltered, but he somehow retained his kindness. That was something nobody could take from him, no matter how much some people tried.

It was during a single day during his some wilderness survival training that he stumbled upon a strange artifact. It looked much like a USB flash drive, but it was larger and held weight that he never felt before. White with a golden "E" emblazoned on the front, Daemon found himself drawn to it. But the moment he touched it, he was bathed in blue fire. It did not burn him though and the moment the flames subsided the object disappeared. He collapsed a moment later, not realizing what had happened, not realizing that he had been chosen for something that would come into play later on in life.

5 months later, on his 17th birthday, disaster struck. It was the day Daemon was to officially inherit the Hayato name in a massive celebration. Everyone of his family members were there, all giving their thoughts and congratulations. It was the happiest day of Daemon's life. But then, as quickly as the celebration started with cheering and joy, it ended with an fire and screams. The a freak fire broke out, the crimson flames completely annihilating everyone who stood in its way. The entire complex where the celebration was taking place was burnt to the ground. Nobody survived that blaze. That is, everyone but Daemon himself.

The 17 year-old child miraculously survived but was hospitalized for 7 days and nights. He recovered mysteriously in a matter of days, the burns on his body clearing and healing, but only his body truly healed. His mind and the trauma from seeing everyone he had every cared about die right before his eyes forever scarred his mind and heart. The kindness that he held in his heart was extinguished, leaving only a cold, aloof machine.

He devoted himself to the path of the Avenger, hell-bent on bringing those responsible for the fire to justice. Over the next 8 months, he systematically found and brought in everyone involved using the skills that he learned from his training to its fullest potential. Each suspect caught would always lead to the next, but eventually the trail vanished. The actual person who caused the fire was not found. Frustrated, he searched in and out the city for any clues for the arsonist, until one day, the arsonists found him.

The arsonist had been imprisoned by Daemon's father for murder and was hell-bent on killing them all. But he had something that Daemon didn't, a Red USB drive with a "I", the T3 Inferno Memory. When the man inserted it into his skin, the memory transformed him into a fiery monster. Daemon was only human and stood no chance.

'I can't die here,' Daemon thought, 'I want to survive. I want to live!' and before the final blow was struck, something changed within him. His body was consumed in azure fire as his own body changed, affected by the object that he now knew as the T3 Eternal Memory. It was upon that night that Daemon assumed the ivory form of the Eternal Dopant. And it was upon that night that Daemon obliterated the person that took the lives of his family.

He emerged from that azure pyre human once more, with the Inferno memory in hand. He was empty, for revenge leaves a man hollow once it is completed. He spent his time honing his powers, eventually creating a custom device that allowed him to fully control the memory within his own body. But then one day as he was walking home, he witnessed chaos as the Saber Dopant began to terrorize the people, attacking dozens of innocent bystanders. Although Daemon was no longer as kind as he once was, the impulse to help others in need still run strong through his veins. It was then that he first transformed into the infamous Kamen Rider Eternal and defeated the Saber Dopant. But confusion and fear ran throughout the crowd as Eternal finished his opponent off.

They called him a monster, a demon, and ran away screaming. Daemon did not care for their thoughts, nor did he care what he called him. He had found a purpose for his powers, to protect the innocent and to burn down the guilty. Nothing more nor less.

This repeated two more times as Eternal gathered three more memories. But he knew on the inside that his quest was not over until he had gathered all 26 of them.


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really like this rp so i thought i would try my hand at it

Name: Ryuga Kisaragi

Age: 18

Race: Human

Origin: Earth

Kamen Rider Designation: Kamen Rider Alternative

Gear: V-Buckle, Advent card, Sword Vent Card, Excel Vent, Wheel Vent, Final Vent, Trick Vent, Steal Vent, Freeze Vent

Appearance: [HIDE]

Rider Apperance


Faction: Neutral

History: Ryuga is the reincarnation of a legendary warrior that served the Royal family. Long ago an ancient warrior tribe in Fantasia served under the Enchanted Kingdoms royal family and were the personal caretakers of each generation of the royal family had one partner that came from the warrior each warrior had a mark on their right hand signifying their lineage from the tribe, The job of the warrior(s) was protecting their designated member from harm’s way and teaching them the art of war as well. On the day of the invasion protecting the royal with all his might he ended up sacrificing his life in order to guarantee safe passage for them… but the story doesn’t end like that my friend, as by some force of the almighty Ryuga is once again brought back to life as a human now in order to continue his unfinished service to the royal family and to stop the evil that is seeping through to the human world.

Ryuga was orphaned at a really young, his parents were killed in an accident of which he was the sole survivor he doesn’t much as he had lost consciousness, but woke up in an orphanage the next day saying someone left him there, during the accident he had received an injure on his head, because of this injure he keeps having visions of a strange place, and of this strange person fight other people. After that he was raised in the orphanage until he was old enough to care for himself he started working at the age of 14 so to look after his need and also decided to start going to school since the orphanage was able to educate enough to get into high school. With the weight of both a job and education he was able to balance the two enough to get outstanding marks in his classes. Even after these commitments he has one extra one, he must search for the royal family and for the ancient treasures passed down to them, and with the help of his partner Jirou he readies himself to take on any challenge.

Ryuga and Jirou met by a great coincident, one evening Ryuga had finished work and was returning home when he decided to take a shortcut through and alley, but to his luck he was ambushed by a group of thugs, naturally all thugs have the same routine wallet phone and anything else valuable and then we let you leave, Ryuga being the man that he is did not wish to give up his belongings without a fight. But Ryuga was no match for the thugs that were in greater number as they all teamed up on him at one point one of the thug pulled out a knife and that’s when Ryuga thought his whole life was over and that he was going to die, but just then something or somebody form the darkness came and took out the thugs in a speed of light, who could it have been but none other than Jirou, Jirou eventually helps Ryuga to get to his home and then their he ask for Ryuga help in protecting earth and saving fantasia from Aesir as X feels that he is in Jirou debt he decides to help him forming a contract with him.

Name: Jirou (Extremus Maximus robot name)

Age: unknown

Race: Automaton


Origin: Fantasia
History: Jirou is from a tribe of robotic beings that live on fantasia. that are highly intelligent and have a vast knowledge of technology they are able to do advanced calculations and complex machinery constructing themselves as well, that being they have given the charge of doing mostly technical work around most of the kingdom mostly doing construction buildings, heavy labour. The Automatons are a peaceful race indulging themselves in either their work or developing newer kinds of technologies.

Jirou on the otherhand was quite different from his race as he always interested in humans(fantasians) always trying to figure out what made them tick, unlike his race who run on gears, oil, and mechanical parts Jirou was not able to understand what force allowed this sentient being to exist. One day while doing his field work on some fantasians Jirou came across a wild beast that was filled with rage, having no combat experience Jirou panicked and was attacked by the beast, praying to his mechanical maker he as for some way out of his predicament, just then as if his prayer was answered a young warrior jumped in to help him, wrestling of the wild beast and slaying it, that young warrior was none other than Ryuga, aspired by his ability to fight Jirou asked to be trained in combat by Ryuga. After that Ryuga and jirou became great friends and were constantly at each other’s side when Ryuga was chosen to be the royal family’s retainer Jirou as well followed.

Life was faring well for both of these comrades, until tragedy in the form of the “Great Invasion” when Aesir forces attacked the Kingdom both Ryuga and Jirou fought as valiantly as they could in order for the royal family to cross in to the human world. As the battle was concluding Ryuga had taken grave injuries during the battle and alas was not going to make it and with his dying wish pleaded Jirou to cross the portal to the other side and protect the royal family, having no other choice he gave in to his comrade’s wish and crossed the portal.

Once on earth he started to search for the royal family so to help them adjust their life to the human’s style of life, in order to blend in with the crowd he was able to configure his physical robotic structure in what humans gave the term a “motorcycle”. Now with a somewhat decent disguise he roamed the world looking for something that would lead him to the royal family, in his journey a strange coincidence happened to him, while roaming the streets he came across a bunch of thugs attacking a family, before he could start to even help heard two gunshots and saw two of the family members fall, thinking of nothing else he raced over to the thugs and start to beat them, after the thugs had been taken over he went over to help the family but it was too late apparently the mother and father did not survive, but there was a child that looked like he was not injured that badly. Upon inspecting the boy, Jirou saw that he was still alive but was unconscious, he also noticed that the boy had a strange symbol on his right hand and looked very similar to Ryuga, upon looking at it closer he saw that it exactly like Ryuga’s symbol that was given to all members of his tribe, believing this to be some kind of miracle Jirou decided to keep a close eye on the boy from now on as well as leaving him at an orphanage to be raised properly.

As the years went by Jirou never left Ryuga’s side watching him grow little by little, eventually came the time when jirou decided to take Ryuga’s help in his search for the royal family and to defeat the forces of Aesir , while preparing himself for his meeting with Ryuga he ended up saving his life once again one night from a group of thugs seeing this as the best opportunity Jirou revealed everything about the accident in which he saved him, Fantasia, Aesir, The Royal Family, and the sacred treasure leaving out Ryuga’s true origin of being a legendary warrior. From that onwards Jirou and Ryuga once again teamed to protect the earth from aesir while continuing their search for the royal family.

hope you like it and more to come.


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Hi, I'm new to the whole RP thing so I just have a couple questions before I submit a character.

1. Can I use a rider I designed for a fanfic but create a new character for it?

2. Would it be possible to mix elements of different rider systems?
(Example: A rider that has a contract monster but uses Gaia Memories instead of Advent Cards.)

3. I find the Fantasia race to be rather interesting with the "Human Form/True Form" element. Though I'm curious, I get that they're angelic in nature, but what sort of restrictions do they have in terms of true forms? Could they have the true form of say an elemental sprite or something like that?
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@ D-Lord165 reading your profile it has been approved.

@ Iota, I am still going over your profile, but everything appears to in order. Though in terms of the memories please limited them down to a few. But otherwise it is approved

@ guncannon109 here are the answers toward the questions.

1) Yes, I am allowing original character (riders) provided you have a visual image to give players an idea what he/she looks like in rider form. Even original riders must be limited in their arsenal and what they can do not to come off overpowering.

2) No.

3) Fanstasians are not necessarily angelic in appearance and can come in various forms.

And to everyone, I'm currently fighting a bit of depression right now derived from a current matter and slammed into another one this morning from a different matter. So, I'll be slow to respond. Sorry


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The memories that Eternal have are: T3 Eternal, T3 Zone, T3 Inferno, and T3 Judge. Is that good with you MagiPink?

I'm trying to find a rider designation for Helios from the other game while trying to make a non-rider bio for Josiah (David). How would that work out?


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This sounds like a lot of fun. I may have to just write up a bio for it. Only problem is deciding whether to create a Rider character or a character in a more supportive role.


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I have some good news and bad news for everyone.

The good news:

Shall be reviewing profiles this coming week. The reason I've been offline is mainly needing to do a full seven day stretch putting hours in work to support myself and help out at home. Thank you all for your patience.

The bad news:

Internet Explorer decided to give me this message each time I logged onto HJU and using google chrome now, which seems to be working okay. But this is not the major bad news. Friday I'll be going to the doctor with my mom. No, it's not having to do anything with me, but I am concerned about my mom let's leave it at that.

Moving along...

guncannon109 cannot approve your profile. This came after much debate over the week and for the following reasons. The first comes from her name being too close to my Shiro (Kiva) character. The next comes from her background how if...if I'm reading this correct how a child from Fanstasia came to the human world. With exception of a few being born half human and half fanstasian, others from Fanstasia departed into the human world during Aesir's attack. The next this is set in modern time in the US, do not understand her village being attack with the Royal Family. And last, the profile feels really lacking in character. Sorry, you're welcome to try again though.

@Iota, that's fine.
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Sounds like a plan and look forward to seeing it. Just re-edit the post than adding another post if I may suggest. And again, sorry everyone didn't expect to be pulling a near two week shift to take so much out of me. I plan to post on monday during my day off.

@DaftBlue, I look forward to seeing your profile too. It truly does make me feel happy that so many are taking an interest in this.


Please do not ask me about Gaim being available for this game. The reason comes down to this decision that until I know exactly about this rider from a few episodes do not expect him to be accessible.
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Name: Misaki Matsumoto

Age: 16

Race: Human

Origin: Earth

Designation: Kamen Rider Kuuga

Gear: Arcle belt


Rider Appearance:

(Standard Mighty Form)

Bio: Though the story of Misaki, as well as her becoming a Kamen Rider, is set in the modern-day Earth, the tale of Kuuga actually stretched farther back. It all began when the Ancient Spirits, deciding that the land of Fantasia is able to thrive without their presence, created various enchanted items that contained a piece of their powers so that Fantasia may remain safe even when they were gone. One such item was the Arcle Belt, which was passed on to a kingdom allied with the kingdom Raina Mochizuki's family belonged to. Surely enough, the time came when the powers of the Arcle were called upon by that very kingdom -- Aesir's assault against Fantasia. During Aesir's attack, which occurred during Fantasia's New Year's Jubilee, a mighty warrior known only as Kuuga the Mighty stepped up, utilizing the power of the Arcle to battle against Aesir and his forces alongside a united force formed to allow the Royal Family to escape to Earth. Because of his power, Kuuga the Mighty, who was skilled in hand to hand combat, and is able to call upon weapons based on different forms, was placed in the rear guard of the united force. Despite his power, however, Kuuga the Mighty was killed in action, The Arcle sent hurtling through the same portal the Royal Family used in order to escape.

Since that time, the once-beautiful land of Fantasia has become a barren, corrupt wasteland under Aesir's rule, the Arcle belt wielded by the legendary Kuuga the Mighty lost forever -- or so it seems. What was lost, would eventually be found. In the case of the Arcle, it would be the start of a new legend, and of a new Hero.

Misaki, for the most part, is a normal girl living a rather normal life. Starting with when she was a child, she was raised by upstanding and loving parents, who were able to provide for her needs, and occasionally her wants. Growing up from a cute little girl to a voluptuous, well-endowed young woman, Misaki gained a reputation at her high school, not just with her looks, which made her the crush of so many young men, but also of her diligence, consistently ranking in the upper echelons of the school exams. Little would she, or anyone else, realize what fate has in store for her.

Attending what would seem to be a routine class-wide field trip for upperclassmen, Misaki, along with a few of her friends, were exploring a temple in Kyoto, the old capital of Japan. While going about and taking pictures of the place, Misaki suddenly began having weird visions. Noticing her friends looking at her oddly, Misaki waved off their concerns, attributing it to thirst. However, despite quenching that thirst with a bottle of Gatorade given to her, the visions just became clearer and more vivid. Though weirded out by the visions, Misaki also felt that the visions were compelling her to find something from within the temple. Finally finding her much-needed break, Misaki quietly slipped away from her friends, the visions guiding her along the temple, through areas most people were not allowed to go. Finally arriving at a secluded area of the temple, Misaki found under a dwarf tree a red orb lying among the pebbles. Curious as to what it was, Misaki promptly picked it up. Without warning, the red orb began to glow, forcing her to cover her eyes as a blinding light began to envelop the area. It was at that instant that the blue orb disappeared from her hand, instead forming into a mystical silver belt around her waist, which doesn't seem to want to come off. Slightly scared, not just with the belt, but also the flash of light, Misaki started to look around, hoping that nobody noticed her. Unfortunately for her, it was fool's hope, as she found that someone -- or rather something -- had noticed her: a throng of Shadow Golems. Naturally, Misaki backed away with fear, as the Shadow golems approached her in a threatening manner. Just as she was about to scream for help, however, she began to see another vision -- that of a red armored warrior with a bug-like helmet. Though she didn't really understand why or what, she instinctively began performing mysterious hand movements, causing the belt to activate and forming a black and milky-white armor to form around her body. Feeling a sort of power course within her, Misaki suddenly felt less afraid, and began to engage the Shadow Golems in combat. Though her movements were rather awkward due to her not being trained as a warrior, Misaki relied on the new power to see her through, which seemed to have affected the Shadow Golems.

After a rather exhausting and awkward fight, Misaki finally defeated the Shadow Golems. Just as she was about to vacate the area in hopes of avoiding security, she was approached by one Raina Mochizuki, who seemed to have witnessed the battle. Commenting on how awkward she looked trying to fight the Shadow Golems, Raina told Misaki to come with her, offering to train the buxom young woman to become a better warrior.

Since that time, Misaki has learned of the past of the Arcle belt, as well as of the previous user of the Belt, giving her the easy decision of dubbing her new form "Kamen Rider Kuuga". As the new Kuuga, Misaki has cast her lot with the Guardians, hoping not just to protect the world from Aesir's forces, but also delve deeper into the mystery of the Arcle. Deep in her heart, Misaki feels as if she was destined to have the belt for some reason...
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After much debate consider the profile approved. I must sincerely apologize to everyone and shall be posting all those who were approved later tomorrow. Past few days had one incident after the other that simply is....now laughable. I dare not speak the question that lies on the boarder of my mine. Now it is off to do my last two profiles and then work on a different one, alongside a project. The last part is a surprise. I've said too much.

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