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  • Hi There. It's been a while since I talk to you. Just to let you know that I am back on here. I hope you and I can be friends again. You are more welcome to join the RPG Site that I am on.
    I actually like that alot; plenty of options that don't focus too much on forms. With Wizard fast approaching, now would be the time to make it happen in one medium or another. I don't make original riders as often as I should.
    Oh. It's alright Zig. Even I can't remember most of the names here. By the way, my posts aren't as bad ass as yours. Take your time Zig.

    I hope so! The female rider that I was planning on doing is called Kamen Rider Tarot. She uses Tarot slabs that slide into her belt giving her different type powers depending which arcana she uses. How's that? hehe
    Grrr why can I never remember Cisne's sister's name! It come and goes like the wind. FInally just about done with the my post, though it isn't as long or as bad ass as your posts of late, it gets the job done well enough. My intentions were to do several posts instead of one, long one due to my character numbers, but alas I got a new Digimon game for my DS and found new yourtube videos to watch. Still, I will figur eout a functional schedule...or somthing to that degree.

    Tackle was alot of fun, but I do see a patern forming as you mentioned. HA! What about Kivala? She lived...though she only used her powers for all of tweenty minutes. One step at a time I guess. Someday a fan toku will be made with a female lead and Toei will realize "meh...not like we havn't done everything else" and we will have at least a mini series. If G could be as popular as it was, so could a female rider...taken seriously of course.
    Not just Femme and Shuki, they even got poor Nadeshiko recently! Dang them! If that's not bad enough, they've done this a long time ago with Tackle. The monsters! sob sob Anyhoo, that is my opinion as I'm one of those people that think female riders might make a good main character. Even tried to write a fanfic about a female rider of my own concoction. lol

    It's going to be a bit tricky but I'm planning to let Reiko fight with her blank form for most of the battles using her awesome kung fu moves. lol It will probably be a slight hit and miss as she may not last long in battle but will strive to stay on. This is where Cisne plays out. She will save her in the last moment each time when she is in danger.

    As for the ball, expect a mysterious guest. lol I think you should have figured out who that is. lol
    She wasn't that weak, but I think that was the point they were trying to get across. They did the same thing with Shuki...think they are trying to tell us somthing about why they don't have alot of female riders? I hope not...silly writers.

    Still now that I know these things (as if I didn't already) I have a perfect excuse to create a character to be Odin! Oh I knew you used the term Valkyrie but I had no idea you were basing them off of the real stories. So many Norse references we could yet many...

    Regardless the team is great; looking forward to making more progress with character development O_O which includes me making a post for the ball...a big one...a weekend breaker.

    Also here is somthing fun...Zordon was the Face of may not know what that means...but I do...

    So any plans on how to help Reiko cope with only Blank Form? Or is it just gonna be hit and miss until she and Cisne work it out? I've probably asked this before...but I'm board...
    Well, being out of the hometown and with minimal internet, it is a life harrowing experience. But somehow, I live! (no offense to Megatron with that line) Umm....I've not watch any of the precure series so I'm not absolutely sure if the interactions were like that. Must have been the drama. lol Besides, with the aloof Reiko being Femme, all I think of making her character special is by giving her a sort of magical girl personality. The only magical girl knowledge I know of is Sailor Moon and I've barely watched nor read about it. lol Cisne's story line is inspired by my love of Valkyries. As a result, we now have the genki girl Reiko, the motherly and anti hero Cisne, the big sister Joan and the tsundere Raina. hehe I've also designed Femme that way due to my hatred of the original Femme as I dislike how they made something with beauty and grace become something of a revenge seeking and weak.
    You posted enternal joy is rising! So much to do, so much to write! What more you're alive! That's important too! Is it just me, or is the interations between Reiko, Joan, Cisne, and Raina starting to feel suspiciously close to a precure series? In a good way I mean...still I get that magic girl team vibe and I have to really works.
    Working two jobs kickin your ass? Fear not! I have come to lift your spirits with a wonderful song about the glorys of action figure preorders! Because you never know when they are gonna stop preordering that figma saber you've been wanting for months over a week before they were due to. By God I'm gonna get the saber some day...more importantly don't give up ya magnificent bastard!
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