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Dec 23, 2008


In an attack on Earth by the Space Empire Zangack, the Super Sentai Rangers fought a valiant fight as led by Akared. There was victory in this Legend War, but with a cost. The powers of the past heroees have been lost and now a new team seeks to find them before the Universal Empire Zangack can attack once more.
They are the Gokaigers, their purpose to gain treasure. Past Ranger powers shall be Key to victory, for with them they can become and use the powers of old. Sail forth to new adventure!



- Names and personality
Captain Marvelous: portrayed by Ozawa Ryota ---> http://ameblo.jp/ozawaryota
Young Captain of the Kaizoku Sentai. Always sparkling, a "wild man". Desires everything to be stimulating, and is always curious. Once he sets his aims on a target, he moves forward without flinching, no matter what. He is the type to poke his head in where it doesn't belong, and he often brandishes his crew of 4 with unreasonable orders.

Joe Gibken: portrayed by Yamada Yuuki
A calm man, whose words are few. A compliment from this man is rare, a man with a serious personality who is hard on himself. Always training up his abilities with weapons, and never misses. Has known Marvelous the longest, and as such, he understands Marvelous the best out of the entire crew. He was originally an elite of Zangyaku but after coming into contact with Marvelous, he becomes one of the Kaizoku Sentai.

Luca Millfy: Ichimichi Mao ---> http://ameblo.jp/ichimichi-mao/
An active woman who dislikes needing to have a reason to act. Excels in RECON and exploration, and has a strong tenacity for treasure hunting, earning her respect from her peers. However, her need to get the treasure often makes her forget the mission is in front of her, be that when it comes to the enemies, or her friends.

Don Dogoier (Hakase): portrayed by Shimizu Kazuki --->http://ameblo.jp/kazuki-shimizu/
A man from a cautious sect that has an alarmist attitude, and always assumes the worst. He is a pacifist who causes trouble because he wants to avoid fighting. However, it is due to his quick thinking and rare brain power that compliments Marvelous' wreckless attitude. Inventions from his calm judgement and clear brain often end up saving the team when they're in trouble.

Aim de Famille: portrayed by Koike Yui ---> http://www.foursp.jp/yui/blog/
Former Princess of a certain planet who was picked up by Marvelous in space. Has "Geniality" and "Grace" that doesn't suit a pirate, making her quite different from her 4 shipmates. If a person is in distress, she can't help but want to help them. However, because she is always looking for someone to save, she can be a pain in the neck for her teammates. Also, she loves tea.
The Gokaiger's robot they use during giant battles. Combined from Red's Pirate Ship, GokaiGalleon, Blue's airplane, GokaiJet, Yellow's Trailer, GokaiTrailer, Green's Racecar, GokaiRacer, and Pink's submarine, GokaiMarine. Usually, Marvelous and the others live inside GokaiGalleon.


• Navii (Mascot, talking compass) - Tamura Yukari
• Narrator/Voice of Mobirates- Seki Tomokazu

Past Ranger powers shall be used also in the form of robos such as the power of Red in the form of a new Magidragon. As shown. GaoLion can be seen along with other toys here


Universal Empire Zangack. Villains, grunts, enemy.


Waruzu Giru (Shireikan/Commander):
Young Commander of the Emperor's bloodline. Has an irreverent attitude, always showing his sense of being one of the Elite. Has a desire to get the Emperor to acknowledge him. Thinking the Earth to be a planet he could easily conquer, he lead a giant fleet there. To his allies, let alone his enemies, he shows a cruel nature. He tends to force his ideas on people, and give his subbordinates arbitrary instructions.

Damaras (Sanbouchou/Chief of Staff):
Soldier of Zangyakku who bears the name "Warrior of the Strongest Status." A monsterish warrior with fighting power, he is a battle specialist with a cool head. He is ordered to accompany Waruzu Giru by the Emperor, and assist him as his Assistant Operations Chief of Staff.

Insaan (Kaihatsu Gikan/Development Technical Officer):
Zangyakku's Mad Scientist. Supplies the "Action Forces" with powerful weapons, and remodels them. Using a special energy gun, she can resurrect an "Action Commander" who was defeated, and make them grow giant.

Barizorg (Tokumu Shikan/Specialty Officer):
A Cyborg whose whole body is mechanized, and who is completely loyal to Waruzu Giru. Has an eerie presence, and a systematic sense, and is something of a mystery.

• Waruzu Giru - Nojima Hirofumi
• Damaras - Ishii Kouji
• Insaan - Inoue Kikuko
• Barizorg - Shindou Gaku

Makoto Naoya will be lending his voice to Gokaiger's premier, and return as Akared.

Henshin Cellphone Mobirates:

A folding-type cell phone henshin device. Keypad on bottom half, screen on top half. When the Gokai keys are inserted, the upper part is transformed, becoming the Gokaiger mark. Example- When the ShinkenRed Key is inserted, the Mobirates sounds "Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Iza Mairu!". There are many different sounds, as stated, 190 listed.

Voice of Mobirate can be heard here




GokaiKen and GokaiGun

The singer for the OP isTsuyoshi Matsubara. He sung Rokunin no Samurai for Shinkenger. (He sung the themesongs for Crash Bedaman and Asatarou).

Studio Version of OP

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miMOCa8jhcI"]YouTube - Kaizoku Sentai GoKaiger Opening Song Clear Version[/ame]

Ending theme (Hero Getter) shall be a Project R. collaboration of multiple people.

Dukemon22's website, good place to check for rumours.


First Promo
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKSaraALbcg"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

Second Promo

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViAPDErP_8Q"]YouTube - ??????????????????part2[/ame]

Third Promo [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j9HwJDXFE4"]YouTube - Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger - Promo 3[/ame]

Fourth promo plus passing of the torch

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3urDHmHhio"]YouTube - Gokaiger 4th promo plus passing of the torch from GoseiRed to GokaiRed[/ame]

Gokaiger Opening and Ending

Gokaiger the movie/OOO the movie:

Releases on 6 August 2011

2nd Quarter toys

-GokaiSilver is the 6th Ranger

-Transformer with the GokaiCellular. Able to achieve a "Complete Form", becoming GokaiGold. Comes with the GokaiSilver key.

-GokaiSpear; GokaiSilver's weapon. Has a 3-step transformation. Comes with DragonRanger key

-GokaiSilver to GokaiGold Henshin Figure. Comes with GokaiGold transformation key.

-6th Ranger Weapons Set (ZyuSouken and Rocket Booster, etc.)

-Ranger Key Sets 2 and 3. (This lists 3 as the full Goranger team)

-Joint Gattai DekarangerRobo, MagiKing, and later on, ShinkenOh and DaiZyuJin

Gokai Ranger Key Silver Mode Gold Figure

Gokai Cellular


GokaiSilver Gold Mode

GokaiSilver catalog cover and Gokaispear

Third Quarter rumors

-Silver's Robo can also combine with the GokaiMachines. Poster of rumors believes he is not Barizorg, i.e. a new actor will be hired, but there's still a chance of the latter. Barizorg does have more to him.

-The next 3 GokaiMachines will be from SunVulcan, Zyuranger, and Goranger respectively.

GokaiOh + CosmoVulcan= SunGokaiOh

GokaiOh + Shogozyu Tyrannosaurus= ZyuGokaiOh

GokaiOh + Baridreen= GoGokaiOh

GokaiOh can combine with all 3 of these mechas at once to become "SanJyuGoGokaiOh" (35 GokaiOh).

GokaiMachine Series 04 FuuRaiMaru:

Modeled after Hurricanger's FuuRaiMaru, except it is totally green in color. Stores in GokaiOh by dividing into 5. Unfolding gimmick in both GokaiOh arms. Out of the feet appear 3-sided Shuriken. Out of the chest comes a Senpuujin head/helmet. Both Shurikens can unite into a bigger weapon (like Tenkuujin's weapon) which GokaiOh can hold.

-GokaiSilver's Robo seems to be called "Goujyujin" (Strong Beast God). It has a 3 step transformation- transforms from a Dinosaur, to a Drill Battleship, and then into a robo.

-The robo's right arm is a drill (in a nod to AbarenOh). The left arm is the Tyranno's head (a fist is inside the head). The legs are the Tyranno legs. Reminds the poster of a Bluish AbarenOh with accents.

-The entire bot is blue, only the head is red. Has an anchor-visor motif in yellow and red. GokaiSilver's anchor mark (in blue) is on the chest.

-Arms seem to be spin via a dial gimmick in the back. There is a union with GokaiOh, but it may only be arm switching.

It will retail at 6,800 yen, releasing in July.

-Not really info, but it's nice what they did here with the name. Gojyujin is only a little away from "Gouryujin".




Furaimaru + Hurricane Gokai-Oh.

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Nov 1, 2006
I was thinking more along the lines of, what will the reaction be if it's true? It seems the re-casting was something that a lot of people disliked about Decade. And of course if the Denjimen are re-cast it's possible other series will be too.

What seems to bother people who were annoyed about Decade's recasts the most is not only the recasting itself, or the AU element, but Decade's whole concept of "re-imaginations" of the previous shows, changing some core concepts, like the immature Kuuga who fought for a woman, the prince Wataru, the law battle in Ryuuki, etc.

In the Japanese boards, they usually call the Decade version characters "reimagin", not AU or anything like that. Even in the initial announcement regarding Decade, they talked about the "re-imagination" of the previous shows that would be featured in Decade.

Even if there's some recasting in Gokaiger, considering how they haven't mentioned the "re-imagination" idea at all so far for it, I don't think the reaction will be as bad because there won't be a new version of the setting or characters, they probably will use new actors to fill the holes of older ones, with an in-story excuse or not.
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Aug 15, 2009
Also, it's not guaranteed that every actor will be available or even willing to make a cameo on the new show. (Not to mention that a few of the original Sentai actors are no longer with us.)

The only late actor to play a Sentai Ranger is Baku Hatakeyama (Ki Ranger I). There are many more people who played villains or background characters that have died, but then those characters probably wouldn't have returned for Gokaiger anyway ...
Dec 15, 2009
Somebody recorded uploaded this video from Gokaiger's Toy Demo yesterday.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XDAuFIxm28"]Gokaiger Toy Demo[/ame]
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May 6, 2009
Thanks for the thread and the character info GS, now I know why they don't all seem like pirates. From the descriptions I know that Captain Marvelous will be my favorite along with Waruzu Giru probably being my favorite villain. I like how Marvelous is shooting in his civilian outfit in the third promo, he's a born-captain :coolshades:
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May 20, 2010
I bet they had security. :laugh:

I'm willing to bet that at least ONE person ended up stealing a Goukai key when the Bandai Demo people weren't looking
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Jan 24, 2009
Someone on RB brought this up.

It would be awesome if during the beginning fight, DragonRanger, KibaRanger, OhRed, Red Racer and AbareBlack teamed up on some baddies. Why? Because Tommy.
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Jun 13, 2010
Someone on RB brought this up.

It would be awesome if during the beginning fight, DragonRanger, KibaRanger, OhRed, Red Racer and AbareBlack teamed up on some baddies. Why? Because Tommy.

:O_O: that would be awesome! Toei, make this come true please:buttrock:
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