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  • Aiya,dont let someone on the internet affect you in real life
    just be happy :D
    and ignore him, no need to bother >>
    Im half malay half chinese! kinda like W
    who cares about what others think. they're all a bunch of otaku/nerds/etc. we are too but be the better man by not allowing their criticism bother you. a lot of them are trolls anyways especially if they have youtube accounts.
    Well I was actually referring to ppl I know IRL about being a dick with twitter and FB, nothing directed at you in case you were wondering. And I just came across that thread randomly and didn't even know it was talking about you =/
    Just for the record, what I said applies to you too. Saying, to Rider Faiz and in the shoutbox, that you're trying to be a character like the Nostalgia Critic says you're trying to attract attention to yourself, and not in a good way. In fact it's borderlining on trolling the board. While if anybody seriously attacks you we'll take care of it like we would for any other member. But perhaps it's time to sit back and try and figure what you're doing to get this reaction from other people.
    Listen...perhaps trying to imitate someone who rants on the internet is not the best idea. ESPECIALLY when no one knows you are trying to imitate the Nostalgia Critic, it just comes off as you're being childish and over reacting to every little comment.
    It's also really close to trolling the board because you are not being yourself, you're trying to be a character. A character that no one knows you're doing.
    My advise...knock it off and just be yourself.
    The motto 'STOP taking it personally' was I can't take some things seriously even movies & video game reviews.
    Don't recall which site I visted. Try looking for Tasha or Eki, they have links of other cosplayers.
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