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  • Hello there.
    I saw your thread about the CS Ryuki belt and that you're willing to sell the decks separately. I currently have the Scissor, Tiger, Femme and Verde decks. Are the rest available? If so, how much is it per deck? Would you sell the belt along with a select number of decks, or only if someone buys the whole package?

    hey ya :) would like to get kamen rider knight deck from you :) please contact me at my email and i will reply asap to you. thank you! ^^
    Hey, I am sorry that I havent contacted you on the the ryuuki. Right now I need the money for more important things. Sorry.
    If you dont mind, just give me a bout 2 to 3 weeks. Right now, I am currently moving into my new job and wont get paid for another 2 weeks so, and after I pay my bills I'll be able to buy it off of you.
    Oh snap! This is awful... I wish I should have bought it when I got the chance... now I'll never find those 2 again!
    Hey, RiderFan18. I got your package, and I'm loving it!

    I had to put new batteries into The DragonZord but, that's just a minor thing. Again, thanks so much for selling me the thing.
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