HJU Radio #49 – Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie

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We got the band back together to sit down and review the latest Super Sentai Team-Up. The Gokaigers have returned from outer space and… have gone rogue! The only ones who stand in their way is the Special Ops Taskforce, but do they have what it takes to take on the previous season veterans? Or is there more to the Dark Gokaigers than meets the eye?

We also have our latest attempt at pulling together a good podcasting format. The show kicks off with Tokusatsu News, goes in to the review and we close it out with what we’ve been geeking on. Download, drop in and enjoy.

As always… thanks for listening.

The BusterKaigers:
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Special thanks to Dustin Beadle who did the graphics for this episode.

Special thanks to forum member Jon Fuu [Soundcloud] [YouTube]. Without his post-production work, there would be no show.


I would have to say Lynxara pretty much described the movie perfectly too.

And thanks for the review shout out Keith:thumbs:

Red Ranger

Here's a pic of Masaru Nagai from January. He either loosened up about Timeranger or it's purely an agency thing.


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Lynx, would it be better just to reveal the face of Asuka Kagura/Shurikenger already?

Heck, just have Time Yellow, Red Racer, Mega Red, Go Red, Oh Red, Gavan back for the Hurricanger reunion and just play up the whole "Who is really Shurikenger?" running gag.

Also, another unmorphed fight with Nanami cutting down baddies with a single tanto dagger.:buttrock:

PS: Ahh, Time Yellow...who was featured in the most f'ed up episode of Gokai, but beforehand, was an identity of Shurikenger.

Inui Takumi

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It was fun to see the Gokaiger crew again since I love watching the cast interact, but as far as story for the movie goes, I think the Go-Busters had a more interesting part in this.

[HIDE]With the rebooting of the Buddyroids midway through the movie, seeing them as ordinary robots with no personality and how the Go-Busters reacted to losing their partners was something that really boosted the movie from your average entertaining Sentai crossover to something with some meat in it. Having seen the whole show and witnessing the connection they have with their Buddyroids, you tend to feel for them a lot more once the Buddyroids are "gone". [/HIDE]

But I agree that this was a well done crossover. But, I'm a bit fan of the Sentai crossovers since, like Lynxara, its what got me into Sentai in the first place. So there is rarely one that I don't like. Hell, the Shinkenger/Go-Onger crossover was actually pretty fun to watch and made the Go-Onger tolerable. But yeh, I really liked this movie and will watch it over and over again. And the Kyoryuger cameo was pretty hilarious to me.


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Looks like not a lot of people cared about this movie I guess? Are we experiencing Gokaiger fatigue?

Not really. It's just the vibe of the movie. What would've been interesting if they did a few more call backs.

GokaiRed uses his AkaRed Key to change into his mentor's form and uses Soul Advent.

Meanwhile, Ahim still has the crafted AbarePig Key that Emiri gave her and transforms just for the hell of it. Heck, Ahim and Luka inadvertantly transforming into no Sentai Heroes. Ahim becomes White Rose Mask and Abare Pig, while Luka manages to find a gem that allows her to transform into Sieg Jeanne.

As for Joe, they could've has Sid's ghost return and tosses him his sword for Joe to use.

Don...if you saw his "A Day of One Hero" film...why not parody that.:sweat:
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I liked him when he wasn't a god
Looks like not a lot of people cared about this movie I guess? Are we experiencing Gokaiger fatigue?

I think it's a combination of the fandom now having decided it's cool to hate on Gokaiger, and a lot of people strongly disliking Go-Busters


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I think it's a combination of the fandom now having decided it's cool to hate on Gokaiger, and a lot of people strongly disliking Go-Busters

Then again, when it came to Gao and Bouken, it seemed to be an easier transition after the anniversary year ended. For some reason, Gokaiger seemed a bit...off...following the anniversary year. Maybe because of Gobuster, but that's hard to say considering Gobusters appeared in a crossover between Super Sentai and Space Sheriffs.:eyebrow:


I just hadn't had the time to listen to this episode!

I didn't think about it this way but it makes sense that the Go-buster would be stronger than the Gokaiger. Without Gokai-change into other teams the Gokaiger really don't have a lot going for them. It's why Yoko and Ryuji could take on two Gokaiger each without problem.

Still I found it a bit annoying that Ryuji got the two strong Gokaiger (Joe and Luka) instead of getting the boys. It makes Yoko seem weaker when she has to compete with Ahim and Don who were the weaker members of the Gokaiger.

Plus if they hadn't paired up swordsmen together they could have had the whole weapon trading action going on! I always loved that bit in Gokaiger.

That castle they use that was supposed to be in England looked way more French than English to me.
Looks like not a lot of people cared about this movie I guess? Are we experiencing Gokaiger fatigue?

Personally, I just found the movie lacking in plot. Shame since this one of the rare crossovers where I both really liked the teams (usually its one I liked and a lame one ie Shinkenger VS Go-on or 199 Super Sentai w the ossum Gokai and the wimps that are Gosei).

The plot really just stunk. The Gokaigers didnt feel like Gokaigers, they felt like Decade in his movies. And I know the Gokaigers and Decade have a lot in common but Gokaigers were likeable and Decade to me just was not. And in this movie the Gokaigers were still cool but werent as charming and likeable like I found them in the TV series.

So for me, it is not that I didnt like the teamup, Im just disappointed that this is the best they can come up with. Half of the crossover feels like theyre barely in it and while the other half had a huge storyline with their Digimon losing their souls or some **** like that.

I watched it once and I thought, well...that exists. And I dont plan on watching it again for a long time, if ever at all. It is that bland to me. And there is nothing left I can say about that movie.


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Well, the point of the character is that he doesn't have one, so... probably not.

Perhaps getting Kenji Ohba to do the Gavan Pose to turn into Shurikenger again?:laugh:

I dunno perhaps have the camera hide his face ala Wilson from Home Improvment or wearing a mask under a mask.

  • Shurikenger was one of those characters you can mess around with. Somethings they could play with, but not likely...
  • Have Jason Chan reprise his role as Cameron Watanabe...doing the Cyber Cam schtick...
  • Masato Wada appear as Akagi and do his Akibaranger henshin pose...
  • Let Asuka have a girl disguise...or a henchmen disguise...
I honestly thought the movie was awful. I the action is meh and the mecha fights are awful especially the end fight sorry :( and also the movie was lacking in plot and with it copying the freaking concept from SHT is just well stupid. I didn't like it in SHT and I didn't like it here as well. And I don't feel like ranting so I will say, I didn't like it, it is written badly, directed badly, and it is the bottom of the list of vs movies. :/


Nice post!!
Masato Wada as Shurikenger in the anniversary special would be so amazing I think my heart might explode.

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