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  • heh, regarding Gokai 5 (might just be me on these):
    - Luka reading the newspaper and seeing the bounties - felt Nami-esque
    - Luka wondering if the police is a good idea - felt Nami-esque
    - Marvelous walking right in - total Luffy vibe
    lol. Yeah, I love Onmyou Taisenki -- especially Kogenta. Well, the character is awesome, but he's also so adddooorable!
    Your right, I wasn't, it was FANTASTIC.
    Probably the best movie I've seen all year.
    It wasnt a bad show, only 26 eps. I enjoyed it when it aired.
    Though in these times, it would probably be generic to some of the newer anime :/
    You seem to be the knowledgeable one for anime so I want to ask, you know where I can get subs or even dubs of Tokyo Underground?
    Meant to reply to this..

    Fair enough, the OP's are just my favorite part of the series so it sorta generally bugs me.
    Hi there. Just a question. :170:

    How on earth did Heartcatch Precure episode two being so slow? It's already on my list, but it's not downloading! What's going on??? I'm trying to speed up, because I don't have all night long! I need to shut my computer down, so I can go and watch basketball game!
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