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What a coincidence. I saw that fanfilm yesterday! I actually think it's quite horrible.

For one thing, for a fanfilm about the Power Rangers, there was hardly enough in-costume Power Ranger scenes. And the whole thing just got way too dark and gritty. In fact, dark and gritty hardly goes with Power Rangers at all. They barely belong in the same room together. At worst, Power Rangers should be Man of Steel levels of dark. This fanfilm was just mean spirited; from the killing off fan favorite characters in cold blood, to the betrayal from people they use to trust. Power Rangers is suppose to be about super heroes you can trust in and cheer for, not... whatever that fanfilm was. And with all the cool shout outs to stuff that happened in the show and in real life, you'd think there'd be more love and care put into this production.

The only thing I really liked about it was how they turned the Green Ranger's shield into this CGI shield of light. That was cool. Put the Power back in Power Rangers.


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Normally I wouldn't be fond of a fan-film like this. However, I realize that the people behind the fan-film were industry professionals and not just ordinary fans. I enjoyed it for the absurd grim-dark spectacle; I think the gritty reboot style is not to be taken seriously. In fact, it's a mockery of gritty reboots that Hollywood is so fond of. That's why it was so fun for me to watch. In all seriousness, I would never want to see a legitimate attempt at a darker power rangers. I enjoy the fun of power rangers.

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